Wood Effect Wall murals

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Wallpapers with wood effect

Perhaps everyone dreams of living in a house totally made of wood, as this natural material creates an incredible beauty throughout it. Wood was also considered to be a finest and thus most expensive material. But what about nice wallpapers with an imitation of wood? There can be no doubt such ones are most convenient for you especially when your family budget is not so high.  Well, now there will be discussed all the possible ways and variants of decorating different rooms in a house or an apartment with wood imitating wall murals for your needs.

Uniqueness of wood effect wall murals

In order to transform your lovely quiet corner into something delicate and diversified one should be guided by decor variants as follows:

  • Length cuttings with pattern lines

  • Butt-ends of logs which are usually rich of rings

  • Wallpapers with imitation of boards

  • Planks imitation with dye spots and nail holes

At the same time it would be useful to mention that designers’ ideas and imagination is really boundless so it’s up to you to decide what decoration variant is most appropriate for you. A golden rule in this context is that wall mural illustrations are always made in brown nuances. Brown natural color is one which brings total tranquility into a house. Regardless of a room selected for wallpapering such color will give an owner the possibility for both protection and comfort and not only: he can be also charged with the necessary common sense for taking important decisions. One need to realize that brown or beige tones is the reason of a good physical and mental rest matching with any design.

Wallpapers with wood imitation

Just like wall murals with water effect, metal effect or stone effect, wall murals with imitation of wood is quite demanded today. Due to its imitation on wall murals, the walls are smooth with a light brown nuance, making an atmosphere of a room more pleasant and cozy, attracting more visitors to come within.

Wallpapers with wood mosaic

This type of wallpapers is quite original, placing imitating larger pieces of wood in form of mosaic. Such theme is designed for living rooms and brings more harmony into the living space. Moreover the imitation reminds of nice laminated material, desirable for floor.

Main advantages of wood effect wall murals

At last it would be relevant to say that wood effect motifs make a room atmosphere warm and comfortable. An idea with planking or clapping walls is not so rational as it occupies a room area. This is the main reason why wall decorations like this do can bring coziness and harmony even in small living spaces. Wide variety of themes alongside with professional designers’ consultation will affect positively in making your weighed choice.