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Wallpapers with water effect

Suppose what would be happen if the universe felt the lack of water?! No one could realize and imagine such a thing as water is the main source of human life and existence. There is a wide variety of wall decorations with the very differenttextures and patters, such as wood pattern, metal pattern, stone pattern, and water patterns looking at which one finds his/her own serenity, harmony and relax. This is why it’s said that the water is an object of infinite attention. Let’s take a glance at splendid decoration variants for your living space given below.

Nice wallpapers with waterdrops

As a rule wallpapers with drops of water may look quite originally if being installed in a hall This is namely most appropriate place for drawing visitors’ attention right at the entrance, especially in cases when its walls are bare. Drops may be either larger or smaller, depending on individual tastes, but regardless of its size the whole illustration will give the sense of liveliness and freshness. The image background is an important aspect as well: it may be of green or marine color. In any case both colors affect positively a person’s imagination and perception of things.

Stylish water effect wall murals

Now, let’s discuss a bit about living room decoration and namely what type of themes would be more relevant to place on walls. Everyone receives guests, relatives and friends in this room sitting at a round table and taking a cup of coffee or tea. In this context try to reproduce a close-up photography of water to show it pouring out. Clear and transparent water at an image will look quite uncommonly, particularly in a large format. If such wall decorations are designed for children’s room, it might serve them as a great undersea world. Beside that, a dolphin jumping out from a sea could soothe a child’s mind giving him more freedom and wide space.

Bathroom original wall murals

Everyone knows that bathroom is a room which is worth a special attention and care. An imitation of water is quite relevant for this room if combined carefully with other objects of interior (bath, curtain for instance), being of the same color. One can purchase wallpapers depicting a big white glass full of water and spilled along the edges. Thus a person entering in the room will be surprised by bright realistic tones of the image while taking a bath.

The advantages of water effect wallpapers

At last it has to be mentioned that due to the modern eco-solvent inks used for manufacturing of wallpaper illustrations, they have a delicate view and make any room designed more spacious and comfortable. Create a huge ocean in your own chimney-corner without many efforts and charge with positive emotions only.