Stone Effect Wall murals

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Stone effect Wall Murals

As a rule unusual textures can’t fit with any interior in spite of their beauty and nice outlook. These textures, such as wood texture, fabrick texture or even metal texture require plenty of room in combination with a peculiar style. This is the main reason why people living in apartments can’t allow such luxury. So what’s the solution?! Wall murals imitating different textures with stone is the most appropriate choice because of its cheapness, originality and uncommonness. There is a vast collection of such wall murals for diverse premises gained popularity everywhere. Let’s see what are they.

Brick effect wallpapers

Few people know that the imitation of such material as brick is relevant not just for apartment interior. It is successfully used in offices, too. Red or brown brick effect allows creating a tranquil atmosphere at a workplace which is similar to that at home with the presence of stove. A person working in an office will do feel comfortable as associations with stove remind him of heat in his apartment or house. This wonderful decoration variant also fits well in hotels, gyms, travel agencies and, of course, beauty salons, emphasizing a wall if it’s narrow.

Decorative stone effect Wall Murals

Decorative stone is a material which is both expensive and taking much space within a room. Modern wallpapers with an imitation of it is best alternative for decorating living space in an original way. For instance, wall murals with gray or beige decorative stone looking like brick fits well into a living room interior. An entire family can gather together in front of it for watching TV-set placed near the wall taking total relax. Due to its compact texture such wall decorations are not exposed to moisture and sun rays.

Stylish variants of decoration

Beside ordinary stone there’s an opportunity to decorate walls with pebble effect. Pebble is a small stone often met in seas will look nicely at the same time reminding of a good trip to the sea. Pebble imitation to wallpapers is quite topical if installed above a fireplace allowing the beloved to spend a desired evening just in two.

The advantages of stone effect wall murals

The imitation of stone is much easier, most of all in block apartments. This is namely the material one may experiment on in different ways. With course of time people get used to it, this is why wall decoration one doesn’t like anymore may be easily replaced by new ones. And, at last stone is a uncommon and hard material so despite this many people feel more comfortable in a room designed with wall murals of this kind.