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Metal effect Wall Murals

Imitation of natural materials is most of all emphasized in industrial style by depicting metal illustrations. This material is much more distinct from wood, stone, for instance, or simple plaster. One need to realize that depending on a type of metal chosen the effect is every time different, wondering by its best characteristics and features. These are the features carefully applied in wallpaper industry as imitating metals is a result of enlightening living space. Thus you are expected a collection of nice pictures and motifs of wall decoration at any choice, so it is going to be presented below.

Metal corrosion effect

At first glance imitation of corrosion seems to be quite original decoration variant which is used in large rooms as suppose a living room. If the wall which is near a sofa is bare the picture may be successfully combined with more pastel tones peculiar to interior objects. The corrosion effect represents a mixture of brown, turquoise and dark orange colors with the abundance of light brown tone suiting well a grey sofa with green pillows. Thus such room may become more comfortable to live and sleep in, bringing more harmony.

“Metal” Wallpapers

As natural metal has the ability to shine there’s a great stylistic solution for living space. It provides the metal effect shine for wallpapers similar to mirror. However such a wall decoration is relevant for being installed not just in a hall but also in bedroom or even kitchen, if you want. The strong effect of shining achieved thanks to depicting pieces of metal in form of a prism like decorative stone catch an eye while entering into a room. As a result the living space gets more light but the atmosphere within is refreshing again.

Metal sheet effect Wall Murals

Metal sheet effect wall murals are topical in case of emphasizing walls as if they have ribbed surface. According to the picture design “metal sheets” are placed vertically in sequence. As for wallpaper color it may vary depending primarily on what objects you have and what color are they of. Imitation of ribbed metal surface has something in common with metal tile roofing adorning house from the exterior. Nice stylish solution placing the material itself.

Why choosing metal effect wall murals?

Metal effect wallpapers is a great finishing which allows to create the real “industrial” atmosphere which is very close to the natural one. Such wall decorations are quite vibrant looking very naturally. The wide variety of textures and colorings fit any interior designed in the very diverse color spectrum. The materials of which wall murals are made are proof against the action of moisture and ultraviolet keeping its initial peculiarities for many years. Hurry in for not skipping your chance to give your own room a special decor.