Fabricks and Materials Wall murals

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Fabrics and materials imitation Wall Murals

Wall murals with the fabric effect are most suitable for those who has always dreamed of luxurious interior in their apartments and houses. The main advantage differentiating them from those textile ones is that they are much more practical in use and easier to care about. As fabric collection is rich and multi-color themes for decorating walls are numerous allowing to transform your interior into something you haven’t had before. Nice color nuances are just created for good mood and harmony. Be sure, new transformations do their best.

Skin effect wall murals

Imitation of skin has always been popular for this natural material is prestigious and demanded. As for home interior, it is relevant to be applied on wallpapers because of several nice characteristics among which are:

  • realistic wall mural images of skin effect making it indistinguishable from the natural material by means of saturated color nuances and hard texture.

  • wall murals of this kind don’t disturb domestic animals so your pets can be totally protected from negative atmosphere for them. Python skin effect in this case is most convenient variant tending to correlate the space within.

Basalt texture wall murals

Basalt or concrete texture represents a nice interior solution for those who really appreciate color saturation combined with eco-friendly materials. Such texture is quite suitable for imitation being hard and fitting well in kitchen rooms and halls as well as in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Wallpapers of this kind relate to non-woven ones.

Jacquard texture wall murals

Jacquard texture is made of vinyl material on the basis of non-woven fabric this is why it imitates fabric wallpapers perfectly. Moreover it may be carefully applied for both tender flower patterns and bright and saturated images.

Velveteen texture wall murals

As to the velveteen texture for wallpapering it may be said that it looks quite delicately allowing to transform one’s living space beyond recognition. Try to adorn your living room with flower motifs which will delight the eye with its realistic features and color brightness. However the texture in combination with skin reptile images is best decor variant.

Linen texture wall murals

This texture is distinct from many others by its well observed and quite hard texture which gives a possibility for both visual and tactile fabric imitation. Moreover cloth materials like silk or cotton serve as nicest motifs for wall decorations designed with some ornaments. As a result an interior style and design can be altered dramatically. Illustrations like these will nothing but enlighten a room bringing much harmony and cohesion between each other.

Advantages of this wallpaper category

Imitation of various kinds of fabrics and, certainly, other materials which they are made of on wall murals creates a strong effect of visuality and perception within a home interior. But despite it may look good in beauty salons, shops and even offices by means of their high durability and water resistance. Make your choice now and enjoy the realistic textures of your favorite fabrics.