Concrete Effect Wall murals

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Concrete effect Wall murals

Among today’s wide variety of finishing materials there’s a nice opportunity for selecting unordinary design solutions for creating exclusive interior, especially wall decorations for concrete. This type of finishing is in great demand namely among industrial style fans. It should be pointed out that hard and severe-looking stone and concrete material suits for much more design variants than somebody thought about. Thus high costs for finishing materials make one giving his preference to imitation of concrete on walls. Texture of such wall decorations looks quite realistically adding a slight negligence to interior but a rich grey nuances palette serves nice background for future set. Let’s see how it works in practice.

Wallpapers with best concrete imitations

First of all one needs to know that imitation of concrete material doesn’t mean making constructional works. On the contrary the effect of it is quite delicate and gentle. For instance if you are about to move out some wall asperities catching the eye pure concrete effect wall murals is a nice solution. In such a case all the walls within a room should be designed in this way for achieving a more sensible visuality, attractiveness and regularity.

Mineral plaster with concrete effect

Suppose you finished your construction repair not long ago and want adding to your interior some decor elements. Creation of concrete effect on your wallpapers is relevant even after renovation due to various kinds of mineral plaster like lime plaster, calcareous-marble plaster, cement plaster and others. As a result the received concrete texture looks beautifully, as if you used real materials for finishing.

Concrete imitation realistic wallpapers

These type of wall murals are of high quality which are hard to differentiate from concrete at a hurried glance. They are suitable for any room except for premises with extreme moisture like kitchen room. For moist zones one is recommended to select water resistance wallpapers with vinyl texture. The realistic images are imprinted in such a way that they cover the entire wall without any rapport order and repeated illustrations.

Concrete effect for bedrooms

As a rule bedroom is a place where the beloved take a rest and spend their precious time together. An architectural approach to this room has to be one uncommon and modern. Focus your attention on one more new finding lying in depicting original abstract prints which are usually of white color. The imitating concrete wallpapers are installed at the head of the bed for creating a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere for both. The combination of white and grey do miracles.

Basics about concrete effect wall murals

At last it would be noteworthy to say that the imitation of concrete with all its varieties has become a well-defined adornment for home interior. Grey color peculiar to concrete material is very welcomed in modern architecture as the color of serenity, vigor and elegance. Don’t hesitate to make transformations in your apartment/house with modern and luxurious wall decorations which will change the inner atmosphere for the better.