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Background patterns Wallpapers

Perhaps most of us are bored by seeing usual paper wall coverings with flowers and patterns which have long lost its luster and view. It’s for sure that modern wallpapers for apartments and houses is the greatest solution not just for decorating walls in another way but also reflecting one’s life ambitions. The category of wallpapers which is described here comprises numerous themes and motifs as background patterns are always after one’s heart. They are gentle fitting any type of interior to which it gives some delicacy and aesthetics. Let’s take a glance at some intricate background patterns used in wallpapering with water, wood, metal or fabric effect.

3D background patterns Wall Murals

Nowadays 3D patterns gain more and more popularity in terms of saturated colors and strong visual effect. The themes may vary depending on individual tastes and preferences but among happiest are flowers and birds, various wonderful patterns attracting by its beauty and compatibility with interior. Suppose you want to create a romantic atmosphere for yourself and your soulmate, then you need some background patterns with roses, lilies, tulips or even lilacs. Bright illustration colors of red or violet will necessarily bring harmony, comfort and passion to your lovely chimney-corner but what about the 3D effect it will be quite sensible even at a longer distance zooming in an illustration.

Splendid background patterns

One more background pattern motif suiting perfectly home interior is composed of separate flower petals or leaves all of which are multi-color. The combination of blue, green white and beige colors illustrated in large format make home wallpapers stylish giving special freshness and essence to a room, especially a living room where the atmosphere should be vivid for spending time with dear guests and relatives.

Heart background patterns Wall murals

Romantic atmosphere in living space may be also achieved by illustrating tree branches painted in red at the edge of which hearts are imprinted. Wall mural of this kind is convenient for anniversaries or even Saint Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th. In such a case one can be entirely sure that his lovely girl will be very surprised by wondering such wall mural in their own room but for perfecting your living space buy some cute objects which will fit with your interior and of course the wall decoration.

Wall decorations with Background Patterns

Well, let’s move from romance to the nature and all its real beauties. If you are really fond of sunny weather staying with a cup of tea near a fireplace in wintertime, try to design your walls with butterfly patterns. Colorful butterflies soaring in the open sky form your true spring mood giving you the inner strength, energy and lightness in motion. Looking at these splendid wall murals you’ll get into the wonderworld in thought being all eyes on this realistic image.

Why choosing this category of Wallpapers?

Background patterns is a nice possibility to make an atmosphere of your house or apartment tender and maximum delicate. Nature, flora and other important events may be carefully imprinted at your future wall murals to form your everyday’s mood the way you expected long. Make use of this great chance right now.