Textures and Patterns Wall murals

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Textures and Patterns Wallpapers

Wall mural with textures and patterns is a perfect choice for those, who have long dreamed of having an original room design, but were not able to decide on suitable texture and theme. As a rule, themes for wallpapers are meant to guarantee an elevated mood for the owner of the house. Calm, and pastel tones combined with a wide variety of textures can bring tranquility and piece, allowing you to relax after a hard day at work. Textured wallpapers allow seeing even little details of the depictions, which adds a life-like effect to the theme of your choice.

Fabric Textured Wallpapers with Floral Motifs

Wallpapers with fabric textures and patterns tend to change interior design drastically. Moreover, wall murals of this type create unforgettable and unique ambiance in the house, being the centerpiece of the room and uniting the entire interior. When speaking about girls’ room it is relevant to mention that canvases with colorful embroidery in minty and violet shades suit their room perfectly. Apart from that, colorful and cheerful floristic ornaments look wonderful in girls’ room.

Other Types of Textures and Patterns

There is one more interesting variant of ornament for home wallpapers, based on macro imaging with woolen rope. Wall murals with texture of this type are perfect for decorating walls in bedroom. This original wall mural fills room with coziness and welcoming atmosphere. Perhaps on a subconscious level all of us associate knitwear with a sense of total comfort and safety

Diverse Wallpaper Patterns

Among most popular patterns for wallpapers are circles on background. The circles depicted on the mural are of different sizes and colors. The colors were skillfully selected for this wall mural accomplished in shades of pink, beige and light brown. Due to these pastel tones, living space becomes lighter, and the ambiance fills with joy, happiness and good disposition.

Peculiarities of Texture and Pattern Wallpapers

Thanks to unique features of this category’s wall murals, there exists a possibility to divide living space into zones. Apart from that, these wall decorations allow making accents in the interior; however, everything depends on what you want to emphasize - it may be emphasis on fireplace, or emphasis on the subject depicted on the mural itself. Moreover, any room can be transformed into luxurious living space with textures that have wood effect, water effect or even metal effect. As for illustrations, they are usually made with eco-solvent inks, which do no harm one’s health so people with respiratory diseases can be around them without any negative health consequences. Apart from that, colors on these wall murals do not fade with time and remain as bright and lifelike as during the first day when you hanged them. Texture and pattern wall murals can be a constant source of inspiration for the homeowner.