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In the recent years the notion “hi tech” or “high technology” is spreading all over the world signifying various types of activity. The presence and high-speed functionality of these technologies make people’s lives easier and happier.

Printing industry also benefits immensely from the application of cutting-edge technologies. One can differentiate industrial-style wall decorations by extensive use of straight lines and forms, combination of various materials and textures, such as metal, glass and plastic, and use of metallic luster.

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Techno colors are usually represented by various pastel tones among which are: light gray, beige, white, black, and sandy.

Themes for technology and transport wallpapers usually depict urbanistic landscapes, such as city streets, buildings, squares and other architectural objects. Therefore, it is worth to mention that antique objects or elements of décor cannot be combined with high-tech wallpapers. The wallpapers with urbanistic theme are suitable for minimalistic modern furniture combined with lamps, small glass table and other objects made of glass or plastic. The most suitable color for such wallpapers will be black-and-white.

High-tech technology also allows decorating the walls in a perfect way by using metallized wallpapers. They are made by covering the regular wallpaper base with layer of thin foil. Wallpapers like this will allow bedroom or any living space shine like a diamond.

Living room interior can be accomplished in white and cold colors (often gray), but one can also use bright colors with metallic shade, such as orange, red or green. However, an excessive usage of these tones will not look well because it will make the room too vivid.

In case you a fan of beautiful cars, you should take a look at wallpapers depicting diverse vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, motorbikes and airplanes. Vehicles in motion, depicted on wall mural create the dynamic effect of permanent motion regardless of a room or living space selected for them. These wallpapers will look perfect in boys’ bedrooms and man caves, as they usually are fond of cars and technology in general. In case you are not sure what type of wall mural will suit your living space best, you can always ask for help of the interior designer. However, it is not that difficult to select the image yourself, if you have a notion of what the complete interior must look like. The most popular choices are luxury sport cars in motion, however motorcycles and planes are also a good choice, especially or free-spirited people, who like to feel freedom. Wall murals depicting murals create a feeling of power, freedom and capability of reaching your dreams.