Stars Wall murals

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Stars Wall Murals

First of all it would be advisable to mention some interesting historical facts both of stars and planets and their relationship with each human being. From ancient times a great interest taken by people in viewing stars and nebulas in the sky probably because of affecting somehow their fates has eventually led to creation and further studying of the very popular science called astrology. Nowadays this interest has grown in something more innovative to be used in household use serving as an important element of a room décor realizing one’s necessities by wonderful and bright wallpapers depicting stellar sky, various constellations to convey an enigmatic atmosphere in living space making happy one’s dearest people.Stars Photo Wallpapers for Bedrooms at

Stars images for home wallpapers

Somebody prefers the theme with constellations, moons others evening stellar sky for feeling romanticism walking in the lovely streets and avenues. Whatever image is chosen all of them look perfectly in most cases in large rooms and halls as they are very eye catching thanks to the spacious sky combined with they plenty of different stars by its size and luminosity. The romantic people would prefer an image for their bedroom with evening sky full of stars wherein two famous constellations – Great Bear and Little Bear are depicted brighter unlike the rest of stars like in reality. Black tone of the sky combined with blue one and bright yellow for stars make the masterpiece glow.

Next wonderful illustration is the star-spangled space alluring with its uncommon beauty and perfection. The light giving off by all stars taken together is very glaring as being very far of us it’s not so observable in real life. Such depiction for wallpaper would make a room “brighter” bringing enigma, positive perception of things, full activity and cheerfulness. This is the way how wallpapers with given thematic should affect persons’ emotional state.

Star Fall Wall Murals

 One more exciting image is a meteor shower or in other words “star fall” as many of us got used to call it. As a rule the luckiest manage to watch this great phenomenon or some stars fallen though. Everyone is known of the sign of making a wish while stars are falling. So decorate your walls with a meteor shower to wonder this sight right in the room spending your time with dearest persons and friends in the evenings where it’s getting dark outside. Pastime will seem to be more funny and interesting due to such warm and calm atmosphere. For such situations choose most bright color spectrum and careful combination of tones for images to be them more vivid.

Astrology Wall Murals

Finally it may be said that those who believe astrology and make a positive influence upon a person or even engaging directly in it should give preference to stellar universe. Perhaps the stars from home wallpapers will throw light on different useful life activities intensifying one’s abilities and affecting a person to be developed spiritually.