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Space Photo Wallpaper

Space and planetary system as a whole has been attracting people’s attention from the earliest times. Many of us wonder even today about planets, comets and stars origin. Wallpapers depicting space allow us to dream about the endless open space of the universe, filling our home with a sense of unity with the world, which is a home to the entire humanity. Despite the fact that space-themed wallpapers are usually dark, your room will be visually expanded.

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Let’s take a closer look on specifications of space-themed wallpapers in home décor. The best living space for space-themed wall murals application is living room, where you socialize with your family members, friends or gusts that drop by. The mural chosen for this room may be a starry sky or a plethora of planets. In both cases, the quality of materials will be high due to the latest innovations in printing, which allows manufacturing vivid and life-like colors that do not fade with time. While choosing an appropriate theme, some aspects must be taken into account, namely wallpaper color spectrum, the place on a wall, and, of course, mural’s size. For example, if you want your “starry sky” look mesmerizing and unusual you need to choose wallpapers as large as possible, because only this way you will be able to see all details on the mural and truly embrace the vastness of our galaxy. The explanation is simple: galaxy, nebulas, and even solar system are immense in size, which is why small-sized wallpaper will not reflect its immensity and majesty. As it was mentioned above, dark tones can shrink the space of your room, however, you if you combine murals of this kind with light-colored palette of the rest of the room, it will only add splendor and will not visually decrease the size of your living space. Apart from that, usage of light tones like beige, light-blue and a bit of white in combination with dark ones where needed, creates a much better effect for a living space.

The size of your living room can also be visually expanded by using 3D wallpapers. Price of such wallpapers is undoubtedly a bit higher, but the visual effect will be much more realistic and striking, no matter which room you choose to use the 3D wall mural for.

If you want your visual effect to be majestic and stunning, space-themed wallpapers can be hanged on two adjacent walls. Apart from that, you can select an appropriate decoration for the ceiling that will add to the magnificent of the entire interior décor. The ambiance created in the result will make a great place for meditation, relaxation and achieving positive state of mind.

However, not only space wall murals can create the effect of tranquility. Images of Earth as seen from space are also beautiful and mesmerizing. People love the image of our planet, especially if it is detailed and colorful. Color palette of Earth-themed murals can be magnificent, and boast a wide row of shades, including bright blue for illustrating the waters, white for Arctic Region and light-brown together with light-green to show the mountains, ridges and vegetation respectively.