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Leonid Afremov Wall Murals

Leonid Afremov is a Belorussian painter who was born on 12th of July, 1955 in Vitebsk city. It’s worth to point out that unlike Haruyo Morita, Chuck Pinson and many other painters, Afremov produces his pictures in impressionism trend. Born much longer unlike Monet he decided to continue the tradition of painting based on impressionism comprising bright and realistic color tones that are reflected in the same manner vividly in today’s wallpapers. So let’s take a glance at his famous works of art having become well-known and common all over the world.Leonid Afremov Photo Wallpaper | Beautiful Art Wall Murals for your Home at Print-Services.com

Leonid Afremov’s paintings Wallpapers

Leonid Afremov tries to reproduce landscapes and pictures on diverse themes as any other painter sticking to diversity and delicacy. The first picture of the painter to be presented here is called “The loneliness of autumn”. This is indeed a nice autumn subject where different colors are gleamed right before one’s eyes. The picture looks wonderfully by means of using color pairs consisting of blue-orange, red-green and yellow-violet as impressionism covers. These color pairs are perfectly combined gleamed with tree branches, street lamps and the reflection seen on wet path in a sad and rainy day. Saturated color spectrum would look nicely transferred to wallpapers, immersing one in a cool autumn evening full of sadness and melancholy. In case you are not in your mood, you may focus your attention on wall decoration reproduced by Afremov’s painting and find yourself thinking of best moments you’ve ever had in your life or some that are supposed to take place in your near future together with a beloved person who you are walking with to rainy autumn weather.

Next painting is a true reproduction of romance, beauty left for us by the nature itself. It depicts the purple sky during sunset on the back of water wherein a sailing ship going in seafaring. Water reflection is a purple as well. Such illustration for wallpapering is suitable for any room but they are created for two beloved persons spending their evening time near to each other in a small room wondering this wonderful sight with elements of romance well-selected color tones.

One more awesome picture painting subject created by Afremov is his own painting depicting an alley full of roses designed mostly for the home interior wherein a living room is full of decorative flowers and/or natural flowers in a vase. Just imagine your will to go for a walk through an alley in the evening wondering the nice odor of red and white roses. Perfect sight combined with home interior.

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To conclude with it would be worth mentioning that lots of Afremov’s works reflect personal reminiscences full of positive emotions. This is why his main objective is to make a spectator look at the world through the eyes of a painter. So bright colors used by him in his paintings would be reflected in a good manner in wallpapers. The illustrations of this sort will be every time topical and demanded and after falling in love with them you’ll stick Leonid Afremov in your memory for long time.