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Haruyo Morita Wall Murals

Haruyo Morita is a Japanese painter who was born in 1945 in Japan. This is an obvious thing that Haruyo’s art works are saturated with classical Japanese style which stems from the Ukiyo-e. Ukiyo-e is a Japanese school of painting having taken place between the 17th and the 19th centuries. So her art works are very characteristic with Ukiyo-e style. Having moved to the UK in 1977 her works were spread all over the world from London to other large cities and countries from different parts of the universe like Los-Angeles, New York, Saudi Arabia including Tokyo as well.

Wall Murals in Ukiyo-e style

It would be useful to describe in brief that Haruyo’s paintings peculiar to the period between the 17th and the 19th centuries as was mentioned above are based mostly on illustrating beautifully dressed and well-kept females. One of best examples is a Japanese woman walking in the garden among nice and sweet smelling flowers and blossoming lilac somewhere near the riverside or lakeside. A little further one can observe a small hut. As a rule women in Japan hold fans in their hands and even an umbrella in case of raining although the weather outside is warm and sunny. Woman of those times wore straight dresses with short sleeves called “kosode”. This nice picture would look perfectly reproduced to home Wall Murals, moving back to Japan culture and traditions of the Middle Age.

Female thematic

Next Wall Mural reproduction relates to females too. At the picture a woman appears in a “kosode” dress with flowers ornament on it and intricate headdress peculiar to Japanese women holding a bowl with tea and sitting on a coverlet. She is taking a rest for sure in loneliness wondering the nature and fresh air.

Dancing women with sakura blossoming branches on the back of late evening sky and the shining moon look excellently as well. Wall Mural inspires optimism giving fabulous mood in the early morning by wondering it. It may be installed as a wall decoration anywhere but at the same time it’s better choosing as much lighter bedroom as possible for achieving best visual effect. It will just suffice to mention their nice dresses with images of herons and storks, their colorful feathering combined with flower petals which attract a spectator. That’s really wonderful sight for home interior.

Fauna picturing in Wall Murals

However Haruyo Morita touched upon the theme of fauna by illustrating two herons at the lakeside. Back from them appear hills on the back of sunset. Wall Mural attracts by its landscape and realistic subject. If you have some objects of interior at home they could be luckily combined with such illustration on your walls.

Some facts about Haruyo’s masterpieces

Just like paintings of Guido Borelli, Chuk Pinson or Leonid Afremov, works of Haruyo Morita are full of intricacy and delicacy that’s why they are regarded as real art masterpieces telling us the way Japan has been developed throughout its whole history. It’s well-known that Japanese culture is one of most sophisticated cultures from all over the world attracting by its specific culture and traditions.