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Painters Wall Murals

Pictorial art has always represented an essential part of culture and traditions’ development in the history of almost every nation. The portraits created by great painters were hung in aristocrats and noblemen’ houses as they were the symbols of nobility and wealth. No ordinary or poor person could afford to commission a portrait. These events date back to medieval age and even much earlier: ancient era was prominent for wall murals emergence. The wall murals of those times, called herms, consisted of 4-faced column crowned by a head sculpture.

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However, with a flow of time herms evolved into various types of individuals’ portraits, usually seen in the houses of wealthy people and nobility. Wealthy Greeks and Romans collected portrait galleries, which were as vast as they could afford. These herms helped modern people to learn about numerous philosophers, soldiers, writers, poets, commanders, imperators, who lived many millenniums ago. The murals contained the historical events and battles, wars, the events of social life and other things. They were a basis for a further pictorial art progress, which was successful and contributed to the emergence of eminent painters like as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Velazquez and other painters. There is no doubt that some paintings cost lots of money and many аthem can only be seen in museum exhibitions. However, one can always order a reproduction of a famous painting in the form of canvas print or wall mural.

If you are fond of art and its prominent representatives, such as Haruyo MoritaGuido Borelli or Chuk Pinson, you will be happy to know that modern technologies allow expanding the image to a considerable degree without losing its resolution. This technology is used while creating murals of famous paintings’ reproductions. The material used for printing imitates canvas or an oil painting, which is why the wallpaper becomes even more similar to the original masterpiece. This process is called reproduction and recently this technique became quite popular and is in great demand.

Let us take a look at some of the famous paintings, as well as portraits, reproduced on wallpapers. The first masterpiece is Graham Gercken’s painting “Autumn paysage”. Golden leaves falling across the streets cover the roads and paths. This wall mural creates the impression of tranquility, nostalgia and peace. A Polish painter Zdzslaw Beksinski has illustrated “Gloomy world” in his painting. Mural reproduction of this painting will be appreciated by followers of Goth culture, who prefer dark shades and gloomy atmosphere they create. Russian painter, Alexander Starodubov created a painting depicting Christmas time. Those who consider themselves religious will appreciate snowy buildings, cathedrals and other holy objects of architecture, depicted in his painting.

Some masterpieces of prominent painters, such as Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Wheat field with cypresses”, convey the atmosphere of tranquility and quiet type of happiness, which is found only in the rural areas on a meadow under the sun. Another well-known painting of his is called “Starry Night”. Amazingly beautiful color palette and light study depicted in the painting will look gorgeous in bedroom or even living room, accomplished in blue or white color palette.

Any image can be used to create a personalized wallpaper. All you have to do is choose the image you like and upload it on the website. You will enjoy the beauty and grandeur of world-famous masterpieces without leaving your home!