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Other Wall Murals

The category “others” represents a special interest to customers, offering them modern wall murals of diverse themes and motifs. Wallpaper illustrations depicting waving flags, cute girls, amazing sports game moments and funny video games’ or famous movies’ stills can be used for different types of interior design.

As a rule, all of these themes can be used to reflect individual tastes and preferences of every person. Sports wall murals look especially gorgeous and appropriate in boy’s rooms and man caves. Among them are the stills of volleyball, basketball and football games or depictions of famous sportsmen playing either of these sports. These wall murals can also be used for children’s rooms, particularly if kids take part in various athletic trainings. With a mural like that a child will be more motivated to practice his sport, feeling inspired to follow the steps of his favorite sportsman.

Flag Wallpaper Design

Flags have always been a part of different sports’ competitions, which is why their depictions on wall look not only majestically, but also very original. They make living space roomier and accentuate the color palette of your room. Flag mural can depict any flag, be it the flag of your own country or any other sport team flags you cheer for. Any of them will fit well in your interior bringing jolly sports spirit and strong motivation for playing sports.

Video Game Wallpaper Design

First of all, it is worth to point out that video games are quite popular among the youth. It is the main hobby of many children and teenagers. This is why they prefer video game wallpapers the most. Modern wall murals with bright illustrations and acrylic paints can be personalized and depict any still from video game with life-like colors and even 3D effects. Don’t miss your chance to make an awesome gift for your kid in form of wall mural with his favorite game character. During this age children’s tastes and preferences are changing fast but despite of this, they should feel comfortable and free to choose the images that they like. Besides, with a flow of time, you will want to make reparations in your house and the mural can be changes to the one that will be depicting new favorite heroes of your child.

Movie Stills Wallpaper Design

Movie wallpaper illustrations are quite relevant considering an abundance of marvelous modern-day animated tv-series and movies. Your child is bound to find a favorite hero that he adores and you can use a film still with its best depiction to create a bedroom of your child’s dreams. Heroes of animated movies usually possess positive traits and serve as a good example for your child, prompting him to work on obtaining the same traits that he admires in his beloved hero.

Why Wall Murals are a Great Choice for Your Interior?

Every living space needs a suitable and beautiful decoration in order to look welcoming and stylish. Paintings, especially commissioned one may cost a fortune. However, wall murals that look even better than paintings, are quite affordable and will not cost you an arm and a leg. Wall murals are made with eco-friendly solvent inks, which are hypoallergenic and will not cause any negative health effects in any member of your family. Apart from that, they are durable and can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth.