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Office Wall Decorations

Nowadays, office space has become a comfortable place to work, negotiate and have a close-knit relationship with colleagues. Practically, every person attends office space at least occasionally, whether it is a governmental building, workspace, contractor’s office or any other business-related establishment. Atmosphere in official places like this tends to be tense and stressing, which is why it is essential to lighten things up with the help of tasteful and appropriately chosen wall décor. By creating a friendly ambiance in the office, you will not only increase the productiveness of your employees, but will also attract more clients and make waiting in queues less frustrating. Some companies hire designers to create specific business-oriented creative wall decorations, which can be intricate and unusual, but also extremely pricey. The most affordable way is to choose a wall mural that will appeal to the majority of people, working in the office space you are intending to decorate.

Best Styles of Office Wall Murals

Just like with any other type of wall murals, office wall murals can be chosen in various styles, sizes and textures. Everything depends on the nature of your business and overall comradery of your employees. For instance, if people you work with need to feel more freedom and less stress, you can choose fun, yet tasteful graffiti-style office wall mural. Street-art tends to be rich in colors, which will undoubtedly raise everyone’s mood.

Some people like to see the scale of their achievements and if the entire collective is close-knit and success-oriented, wall mural with the company’s growth chart or the global network of branches will serve as an immeasurable asset to the overall pride and joy of the company’s employees. Office wall mural of this type does not necessarily has to be boring or chart-like, it can be creatively designed to reflect the specifics of the company’s field of business, or even contain the faces of the prominent employees, whose immense contribution gave the company a push to reach its current high level of reputation and success.

Original Wall Mural Design for IT Offices

It’s a known fact that the work of software developers requires long hours and intense concentration, which is why it is crucial to have a place, where they can take a break and relax. Such companies like Google or Facebook, have the entire relaxation areas devoted to providing soothing and home-like environment to people, accomplishing intense mental work. Office wall murals can become a great part of such a recreation room. Designs for office wall murals of this type must be selected collectively and approved by everyone, because many people with similar interests and hobbies will share this recreational area. A lot of software developers are into online gaming and sci-fi TV shows, so the murals can be game or sci-fi-related.  

The Advantages of Office Wall Murals

These are the key reasons why office wall murals will become a nice addition and an affordable decoration for the workspace:

    Durability – cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly paints, used in the creation of office wall murals guarantee that the colors will not fade with time and will remain as vivid and bright as during the first day, when the mural was hung.

    Easy application – hanging wall murals is easy and can be accomplished in a single day, granted that the persons, doing this job, would follow the instructions word for word.

    Health safety  - eco-friendly paints, used in printing of office wall murals guarantee that no employee will come down with allergy or experience any negative health effects.

Also, keep in mind that even if you hire a renowned painter to decorate your office wall, it will not guarantee that his “view” of your company’s image will be well liked by the people, working in the office. Moreover, it will most likely cost you an arm and a leg. However, designing and printing a wall mural online can be done collectively, and regarded as team-building event.