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Lettering Wallpapers and Murals

How could you associate words with wallpapers? Is it a nice association? An answer to this question is of course positive. Words or whole phrases have found its application in wallpaper industry probably having come from street art, namely graffiti and urban decorations. Whichever is true words make its specific contribution to a home interior cheering up with its “warmness”. Words are in a permanent communication process through which any human in an early age gets know lots of things, objects and notions. Therefore, they are equally important with drawings and illustrations that are used to familiarize your child with outsie world. Words denote various notions and phenomenon while phenomena are perceived by all of us. Let’s see the idea with words use in wall decoration.Lettering Wallpapers and Murals at Print-Services.com

Wallpapers with words and phrases

Popular wallpaper illustrations may depict a person’s outlined contour made all of phrases “I love hockey”, “I’ll win”, and others. Sportsmen and amateurs of sport would appreciate such masterpiece and namely its originality. Such uncommon finding fits well on an empty wall which shouldn’t be hidden by furniture for instance or other décor objects. On each side there have to be sofas for sitting down to have a cup of tea or juice after hardworking. The atmosphere of relax will be guaranteed. Any other phrase or word may be chosen made in form of human contour depending on your preferences and tastes.

Next interesting idea with words is reflected in alphabet with large and visible letters special for children. Just imagine what positive results it brings to your child who is going to learn alphabet. Colorful letters carefully illustrated on wallpapers in an enlarged view will not only attract a kid but will also improve his/her visual memory and you’ll be convinced how fast it’s retained in their memory. Beside alphabet words may denote animals, flowers, abstract notions and whatever for faster development of your kids.

How to choose Letterting and Word Wallpapers

Letters depicting in an enlarged view with famous cities names where letters imprint best moments in photo pieces look individually. As to the teenagers they are very inspired by music bands the use of the famous heavy metal band names as “Metallica”, “Slayer”, “Pantera” and others could add some novelty in room interior.

There’s one more let’s say strange finding relating to sight. People having problems with sight may practice some exercises with letters perceiving by installing wallpapers with letters put in columns as in an eye doctor’s cabinet. It looks a bit ridiculous but the way of exercising one’s eyes is good.

There are some different wallpaper subjects reflecting inscriptions made on a beach sand with a certain text message.

Thus your attention was focused on different illustrations and subjects planned for your future wallpapers that should look impeccably serving as an important element of décor. Remember that there are modern wallpapers so different textures are at your disposition including vinyl texture (for kitchen rooms mainly), non-woven and paper ones each of which protecting a wall and serving for many years because of premium quality and high durability. Hurry in to glad your dear persons with bright words and inscriptions thinking of your own invented style and interior.