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Graffiti & Urban Wall Murals

Taking into consideration the fact that modern graffiti drawings are regarded by teenagers as something cool and creative it may be said with no doubt that street art which has primarily become popular in 60s-70s has been gaining its high popularity up to now. These incredible drawings sophisticated in their composition are made of paints which are sprayed all over the wall. A ready-made masterpiece looks quite perfectly decorating at the same time spotted and dirt walls of abandoned buildings. Buy Graffiti & Urban Photo Wallpapers | Grafiti Wall Murals - Modern Wallpapers

Such drawings are of diverse colors as usual but paints are bright to attract the attention of passers-by despite the fact that walls which are used for that are chosen in desolate places. Urban drawings and illustrations in their turn are associated with street art masterpieces as well but they will be discussed about separately from graffiti.

Graffiti fashion Wallpapers

Today graffiti art is directed more to inscriptions painting where words are clearly seen attracting one’s attention fast. An inscription may be whatever as well as the background of an illustration. Most fashionable wallpaper design is the inscription of the word “Music”, a certain musical band description or whichever. Such brick design point at large cities with abandoned or lonely streets where new form or art is regenerating. Teenagers would be happy their room to be decorated with multi-color graffiti drawings or inscriptions as this art has no limits.

The lovers of sport and in particular skateboarding can make their wish come true with so long-hoped-for wallpapers. The wallpapers depict a skateboarder proficiently rolling down banister. This sight takes somebody’s breath away so those waiting for adrenaline and drive will be inspired by walls decoration.

Wallpapers with graffiti thematic are suitable for bars, cafés and restaurants because of its specificity. Japan or Chinese pictures with martial arts or its delicious cuisines delights one’s eye dipping into that atmosphere with different culture, traditions and values.

Urbanistic style Wall Murals

Urbanistic subjects have something specific too, attracting by its highnesses, real beauty and delicacy of how buildings constructed. The skyscrapers of the New York City or any other immense metropolis can make you feel as if a room wallpaper illustration is seen to you through a binocular. City life is full of surprises and joy alongside best friends.

As to theaters, cinemas, museums and other kinds of national importance and inheritance they are quite pertinent for urbanistic style. If you wish to depict your natal culture objects this solution is good. Thus every time you can’t afford going to the theatre or the cinema with your beloved person enjoy the moments of nostalgia sitting in front of your wallpapers with a cup of tea in hand and beloved person beside.

Images with temples or churches of Israel, Turkey and other Ancient countries within a city bring wisdom and holiness in your house. What about parks and avenues they are always welcomed admiring us with its rich vegetation and shady places.

How to choose Urban style Wall Murals

At the end it would be relevant to mention that both urbanistic style and abstract graffiti delight eye but each of them produces its specific visual effect and is perceived by people differently. Generally speaking both of them are tightly connected with each other as graffiti art has originated from urban areas spreading to a greater extent in social and cultural life.