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Modern wallpapers

Nowadays, there exist a vast variety of modern wallpapers. Nevertheless, some of them are truly impressive and combine a bright and daring color palette. Another innovation is 3D wallpapers developed with the help of the advanced technologies. The visual effect they create is quite impressive. It allows one to immerse in the world depicted on a mural. Some people choose 3D wallpaper design depicting golden blocks, which creates the atmosphere of prosperity, especially considering the fact that its metallic shine illuminates the room. The tone of such wallpapers is golden-yellow and it symbolizes tranquility, joy and happiness. Yellow in general can ease your mind and stimulate creativity. Nevertheless, any color in combination with 3D graphics technology will do miracles for your interior. This is why the assortment of 3D wallpapers is quite rich. Among the most popular themes for these wallpapers are words, landscapes, grafiti and urban cityscapes, skyscrapers, nature, animals, shapes, abstract art, roads, mountains, seas, oceans and many other interesting subjects.

Textured modern wallpapers can bring depth, warmth, sophistication and elegance to a living space or even an office. Thanks to their hard texture in combination with vinyl and paper, these wallpapers are both qualitative and durable. The wallpapers with texture are easy to clean as its protective layer protects them from any damage or stains. Moreover, textured wallpapers are not prone to scratches and can successfully hide any imperfections on the wall. Textures resembling sand and dust are used for depicting nature, canvas or flax/linen – for depicting architecture, i.e. blocks, buildings and any architectural wonders as well as art-paintings.

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One more texture variant fitting any space is Smart Stick. These are the wallpapers manufactured based on self-adhesive principle. The technology facilitates the process of repair/renovation removing dust and keeping a living room or space clean and fresh. Their installation is quite easy: one has to peel the backside off, then position them and stick on the wall. However, cleaning processes should be mild in order to avoid scratches. Thus, only dry cloth must be used for dusting. These wallpapers can be easily removed and replaced, serving as temporary decoration when needed. Smart Stick wallpapers leave no traces on the wall after their removal. Any smooth surface is suitable for hanging these wallpapers be it a table, a cupboard, a door or a window.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that unlike paper wallpapers that fade when exposed to sunlight and are not resistant to moisture, textured or 3D ones are of much better quality and look nicer. They will preserve brightness of drawings and illustrations for many years to come.