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Maps and Atlases

The first ever map appeared in 6 century BC. Its author was Anaximander, who drew the world as he imagined it – cylindrical. Nevertheless, there has passed a millennium until cartography has appeared as a science and first world maps started to be drawn. First maps were drawn after the Columbus’s discovery of America or New World as it was called. However, the first real world map was created by Martin Waldseemüller, who drew it in 1507. Nowadays, maps, especially retro style ones, have become an interesting and unusual part of décor. Starting with vintage-style globes that conceal mini bars within them to various types of posters, at prints, and wall murals. Map decorations can turn any room into something interesting. They can provide houseguests with something to examine while they wait for you. One can choose out of myriad of various maps and atlases, be it real ones of fictitious, like the map of the kingdoms in popular TV series “Game of Thrones”. Below is a short overview of interior types that are most suitable for maps and atlases wall décor.

Living Spaces, Suitable for Maps and Atlases Wall Murals

Kids’ Room

From the earliest age, children start to learn about world that surrounds them, having a map or atlas wall mural in the room can help them get a notion of the world. There is no better way of helping your child learn about continents, oceans, countries, cities and so on, than constantly having a map in front of their eyes. Wall murals can be easily changed and installation can take just several hours, which is why you can easily switch the wall murals in order to provide your child with knowledge of your own country’s geography, as well as knowledge of our solar system. Solar system atlases are colorful, interesting and captivating; they will be able to help your child discover the planets and space objects.

Living Room

Extensive map or atlas wall mural accomplished in retro style can significantly change the general outlook of the living room, making it much more sophisticated, adding charm and elegance. Living room is the place, where you invite your friends to have a couple of drinks, chat and just relax, which is why it must be soothing, relaxing and pleasant enough for the people to have a nice time in it. Having a beautiful map or atlas wall mural will allow your guest to be occupied with something while waiting for you to get the drinks or some snacks.

Dining Establishments and Bars

Retro-style maps and atlases in the form of wall murals look exceptionally good in the eating establishments, accomplished in classic or vintage style. While sitting in one of the booth in such places, one can almost imagine himself amid the busy cabaret of the roaring 20’s. Nevertheless, not only retro-style establishments tend to use maps or atlases in their interior decor. Many diners, café and restaurants are accomplished in art-deco style, where interesting and unusual map wall murals look particularly good.

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