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Living Room Wall Decor

Living room is the place, where all guests of the house are invited, whether they are relatives, friends, or just acquaintances, dropping by for a quick visit. This is the main reason why wall décor in this room should be picked out with special attention for it to fit perfectly with the rest of the room. Style of the room and color palette must also be taken into account, for instance a vintage painting of a vineyard will look unfitting in the modern interior. Apart from that, strikingly beautiful and original wall decoration can become a subject of family pride and admiration of the guests. Who would not like to be complimented on a particularly beautiful item in their home? Wall mural can become an ideal choice for a wall décor, because it is affordable, durable, customizable, and can become a family project. If you frequently have people over, cheerful and colorful wall mural will fit the ambiance beautifully, emphasizing the friendly and outgoing character of the people living in this house.

Wall Decor Options for Living Room

In order to give living room a specific design filling it up with coziness and soulfulness all family members should express their wishes and opinions regarding the preferred theme, so that the end result could bring happiness and joy to everyone. In the majority of cases, people tend to choose soothing themes, which are capable of bringing tranquility and relaxation to the atmosphere of the room. Among such themes are beautiful lush gardens, seaside with sunlit beaches, covered in seashells. For those, who live in warmer climate and miss the splendor of snow-covered scenic landscapes, there exist murals of snowy countryside, icebergs with beautiful fauna, snow-covered forest during dawn. Another advantage of choosing light wall mural lies in the fact that it makes the room more spacious, thus providing additional feeling of freedom and freshness to the room’s ambiance.

Realistic Landscapes for Living Room Wall Murals

Among exceptionally bright and alluring landscapes suitable for living room are those that captivate one’s imagination by their distinctiveness and splendor. Try to transform your living room into something mesmerizing by hanging wall murals with natural landscape. For instance, a picture of a lakeshore with some aquatic plants like water lilies and iridescent dragonflies fluttering above them. A bright natural landscape like that will visually expand the room, letting one sit back and imagine himself amid the beauty, depicted on the wall. Moreover, green colors that are prevalent in natural landscapes, positively affect the mood, raising one’s spirits and giving one hope for a beautiful life ahead.

Undersea World Theme for Living Room Wall Murals

Many of us remember the beauty of undersea world from legendary cartoon “Finding Nemo” or remarkable movies, such as “20000 Leagues Under the Sea” and others. Translucent water of turquoise color being the home for thousands species of flora and fauna. Just imagine the stunning beauty of undersea landscape on a living room mural, made with vivid and colorful shades, creating a lifelike impression of the depicted undersea world. Schools of various small types of fish, medusas, sharks and even whales magically swimming on the walls of your living room. Undersea landscape depicted on wall murals will not only make a living room more spacious, but will also create a calming and soothing ambiance, mesmerizing your guests with its peculiar beauty.

Features of Living Loom Wall Murals

Print-Services.com works only with eco-friendly paints, that dry up quickly, almost have no smell and most importantly are hypoallergenic, which guarantees that no family member will experience any negative health effects. Apart from that, cutting-edge technologies allow us to manufacture durable wall murals, using high-quality materials. Colors on such murals do not fade with time and remain as bright and vivid as during the day you hanged your wall mural. Moreover, our murals do not require thorough care, you can easily wipe them from time to time with wet cloth and that will be enough for keeping them shiny and beautiful for the years to come.