Sunrise and Sunset Wall murals

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Sunrise and sunset murals

Each of us has at least once admired both sunrise and sunset landscapes with a great passion and pleasure, as these natural phenomena cannot but catch an eye by its perfectness and magnificence. In other words sunrise is characterized by joy a new day brings us, alongside with a good disposition and sense of fresh air throughout the day. Usually, sunrise may be chased on somebody’s memory forever because of its strong effect. What about sunset it is commonly brighter than sunrise including red and orange color tones. But despite this, both of them are regarded as short moments, so this is why one likes to repeat it again and again. Let’s see possible motifs imprinted at wallpapers.

Nautical sunrise murals

One of best motifs which can be reflected in wall decorations relates to seawater or beach. Such wallpaper illustrations are well designed for separating kitchen room from dining room. if an illustration is not stretched to an entire wall, but just a certain fragment of it is used. It is sure that any housewife would be glad to cook dishes, wondering nice marine sky imprinted at wallpapers poured over in light blue, yellow and other colors.

Space sunrise murals

Next wallpaper illustration depicts open space on the back of our mother Earth. Above the planet one can see bright flash caused by sunrise which is perfectly combined with dark background. This illustration could decorate a kids’ playroom or a living room to enlarge living space visually. Dark background creates the atmosphere of mystery or romance for two beloved persons.

Beach sunset murals

One more impressive picture imprinted on wallpapers is a beach sunset. Just imagine a hot summer weather with nice palm trees and huge stones near the seashore. It’s relevant to mention that the whole sky at this moment is of yellow-orange color - great combination attracting a person by its positive energy. This natural sight may also be happily combined with other objects of interior, particularly of lighter colors. Feel the summertime atmosphere right in your own home at the beach seashore.

Field sunsets murals

Have you ever walked in woods or fields when sunset starts? Both sights are beyond words, because these are the happiest places where such great phenomenon can be watched from. Open area, peculiar to fields especially sown with wheat or rye will be nicely reflected on your home wallpapers, bringing sunny mood and bright ideas.

Why choosing sunset/sunrise wallpapers or murals?

From ancient times the relation between a human and nature has always been close, this is why both sunrise and sunset tell us of universe majesty,  of how our lives are fleeting. Create comfort within your home and share it with your dearest persons.