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Murals with storms

As a rule the word “storm” is always associated with something awful, unpleasant and troublous. All people are unlikely to enjoy such natural cataclysm, but despite this fact, there are lots of great and happy motifs for depicting storm landscape in uncommon colors and tones for attracting people’s attention to it. In this context your attention now will be directed at such intricate wallpaper illustrations so you’ll like them much, as types of storms are different and each of them possesses its own beauty.

If you are a such kind of person who is every time in twenty minds and your decisions are unpredicted, the wallpapers with night marine storm would be relevant to you. The illustration is made against the sea background in the nighttime, in the midst of a full moon. The sky is quite dark, but the sea waves are happily combined with the full moon. As to the quality of it, the wallpapers are made of vinyl texture making them easy to wash and clean. This is why kitchen room is most suitable space for installing them not to be worry about their durability.

As for the storm in its other forms, there’s a perfect illustration made for home wallpapers which depicts desert storm. The basic color due to which a total visual effect of “sandy desert storm” is achieved is beige. It is perfectly combined with the red baking sun peculiar to deserts. Such phenomenon is very uncommon and nice because of sand rising like whirl and combined with raging sky.

Storm illustrations for wallpapers

A great illustration of storm made in form of a child drawing and using various colors is created for depicting playrooms. Dark gray sky with a raging storm and precipitation are best retained in a child’s memory as a negative natural phenomenon, so children could teach new things like that thanks to such colorful wallpaper illustrations, differentiating bad weather from good one. Quite topical for children under 3-4 years old - the time of their rich mental activity development.

And one more attractive illustration designed for wallpapering thanks to its originality depicts a high lighthouse near the seashore and quite bad weather characterized by ferocious storm. For emphasizing bad weather the whole illustration was made in gray, including the sea waves. The peculiarity of the illustration lies in a lighthouse light which is quite bright, illuminating all the things around, despite the nighttime depicted. Such wallpaper illustration could fit best a living room stretching it along the whole perimeter of a wall to highlight all the tones used in the wallpaper.

Storm wall murals for interiors

Choose happiest wallpaper illustrations only to create the desired atmosphere you’ve waited so long, from the one hand, making presents to your familiars, from the other hand which can change any home interior beyond recognition.