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Sky Wall Murals

The section "Sky and Clouds" is one of the most popular wall murals section in our online store. Whichever image you need to apply on the wall or on the ceiling, you will definitely find what you want. Moreover, will find both ceiling wall murals, and ordinary photos of analogies to any stylistic direction. We list the most popular options and indicate the main principles of their selection.

Let's start with the latter. Firstly, any Wall Mural focus the view and, as a rule, place them on well-illuminated planes. Therefore, they require an ideal leveling of the bearing surfaces. Drawing, and in particular if it is a blue sky with clouds, will reveal even tiny flaws, and they will clearly show up even under ideal illumination.

How to choose Sky Wall Murals

When planning to buy Wall Murals, you should consider the available furniture. So, the walls, fully decorated with a Wall Murals, for example, such as sunny field image, mountain view, waterfall landscape and the like are appropriate in the children's room, in the living room, in the bedroom. In the rest, and especially in smaller rooms, it is much more rational to perform multi-level inserts from smaller panels.

For the relaxation zone in the living room, it is advisable to choose peaceful landscapes made in calm tones as City Green Park, Spring Field under the Clouds, Mountain Fuji in the Autumn, etc., and place them opposite the sofas or armchairs.

The home theater zone accepts both abstract and realistic images. The main thing, the viewer's view still needs to turn to the screen.

In the kitchen and dining room, landscapes with imitations of windows open to the world like Rainbow over the field, Beautiful view from the window, summer landscapes, windmills outside the window will be appropriate. Such pictures depicting the access to the terrace, perfectly replace the textile drapery and at the same time save the budget. The price of Wall Murals of even the highest quality is significantly cheaper than the prices for branded textiles.

For the bedroom recommended positive, but calm images, which can be the starry sky Winter Landscape on a Clear Night, Beautiful Night Sky, Beautiful Full Moon, sunset or dawn luxurious compositions. For small, densely furnished bedrooms in a classic style, wallpapers on the ceiling are recommended that support the stylistics of magnificent decoration and create the most romantic atmosphere - Angels on the ceiling, Angelic love, etc.