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Leaves wall murals

Dreaming of a unique interior? Pay attention to the wallpaper from our catalog. For fans of eco-stylistics landscape Wall Murals from the "Leaves" section will work perfectly. Bright autumn and emerald green, they easily become an integral part of the interior of any room. In the same publication, we give some examples of how to masterfully design the kitchen using the Wall Murals of the "Leaves" section.

First of all, you should know that whatever photographic wallpaper has been chosen, it is important to take into account the illumination of the living room. It is the provision of light images at different times of the day allows photos to look luxurious and most advantageous.

The next nuance is the proportionality of the parameters of photo walls and rooms. So, large panels are oriented to accommodation in spacious rooms, furniture in which a minimum. In small kitchens, wallcuts are recommended to be used in an original way. For example, in the form of an apron, which is then closed with a special glass. The second option - the placement of the cloth in the form of several scattered canvases.

The third important point of decoration of the interior with Wall Murals is a combination of furniture, textiles with the chosen image and in terms of color, and style.

Leaves Wall Murals for Kitchen

When decorating the kitchen space, it is important to keep balance. The accent in the room is acceptable in most cases only one. At the same time, it can be quite bright, forming a special atmosphere in the room. For example, if the wallpaper is used as a background for a glass flashback, Wall Murals with Oak Leaves or Golden Oak Leaves visually "warms" the room, making it even cozier and warmer. Of course, furniture made from oak or imitating this wood will be more than welcome.

The image of emerald green, which can be found on sea, waterfalls or forest wallpapers, on the contrary, will help the kitchen block look fresh and cool. Because such Wall Murals as Green Maple Leaves, Raindrops on the leaves and Tropical Rainfall, it is advisable to choose if the windows face south or east. As a rule, in such interiors it is always sunny, because the "cool" plot will definitely have to go to the yard.

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Wall Murals in the section "Leaves" - is a great choice for modern interiors! Therefore, it is not a problem to make modern and bachelor cuisine, and an amateur abstractionist, and night gatherings. Virtually everything presented in the section of the canvas, perfectly combined with the glossy modern surfaces of kitchen panels.