Fields Wall murals

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Fields landscape Murals

Speaking of fields landscape motifs for wallpapering it is of paramount importance to mention that they are an integral part of nature  one can’t even imagine his/her own life without it. As a rule fields may be represented by various flowering plants in springtime as well as by winter fields and mountains covered with snow. So this is why room wallpaper illustrations with fields will do necessarily bring any person closer to nature itself, making guests and familiars enjoy the atmosphere of total relax and serenity. So now let’s give a short presentation of different fields motifs touching man’s soul the most.  

Golden fields Murals

For instance, if, one is more interested in bright and vivid tones, his/her attention should be focused on tulip or sunflower fields. The matter is that sunflowers as well as tulips are commonly of yellow color so the yellow would fit best any home interior as it symbolizes cheerfulness, high creativeness, enhancing mental activity. If choosing wallpaper illustrations with red tulips, the choice would be quite happy as well. Red color may add both inner strength and fit of energy especially for creative persons. Just think about turning into tulip or sunflower field somewhere far away from home, under the baking sun and open sky, where you are alone with your thoughts and ideas. Such wallpapers could create such an awesome image, shining your room day by day.

Best field flowers Wallpapers for home interior

Now, let’s take a glance at wallpapers depicting lavender field. The violet color peculiar to it is regarded as serene, too. It fills your soul with inner quietness so by this reason lavender wallpaper illustrations are both suitable for bedroom or dining room, where you can feel satisfied and where the calm atmosphere doesn’t have to be shattered but rather preserved for long time. Don’t miss the chance to buy such wallpapers for your dreams to come true.

For those who are fond of dandelion flowers, such wallpaper illustrations are in stock right now for you, dear customer. A great combination of both yellow (plant) and green (stem) colors particularly against the background of nature could fit playing room most, as little kids are constantly admired by natural beauty and vivid tones, as they can in no way irritate kids’ state of mind: on the contrary such wallpapers improve a kid’s disposition giving him/her enough fit of energy for feeling good throughout a day. Looking at blue sky a kid can think about his/her fantasies which are boundless.

At last, don’t hesitate to consult a designer about most suitable wallpaper illustrations for your home interior, be it a dining room, bedroom or playroom. Field motifs are numerous to fit every taste!