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Drinks wall murals

How could you imagine your life in hot summertime without a glass or better a bottle of fresh and cool water or any other beverage that do quench your thirst giving you strength again for walking or working. Water is the humanity’s single source of existence and thereby the further emergence of diverse beverages has just adorned our life with a wide set of them fitting every taste. So today this industry is in tight connection with both wallpaper and wall mural industry found use in it. Nowadays you can embellish your own room just by hiring a professional painter to make such hard masterpiece, requiring scrutinizing attention to any detail. You may have a cup of tea in the morning looking at same cup of tea or espresso with scrambled egg with ham and some cakes for desert. This thing is magic and in a kitchen you can feel surprised and comfortable as one should need calmness while eating food.Buy Drinks Wall Murals for Kitchen room at Print-Services.com

Variety of beverages Wallpapers

Beverages are consumed while spending nicely your time with friends and mates. If you are very fond of soccer matches loving to celebrate it among them decorate your walls with murals illustrating several glasses of bear with beckon slices and/or chip lying on a table. Wonderful picture isn’t it?!

The true lovers of pizza, in particular teenagers, gathering together in a pizza restaurant may decorate their bedroom or playroom with a big pizza served with several glasses of fruit cocktail. In most part the picture is more attractive when cocktails are different by ingredients and that’s why having different colors as if it would a combination of chocolate, strawberry and milk cocktails for instance. Nice combination of pizza and fresh drinks make you turn back to those places and feel nostalgia.

In hot weather you may stay at home in the kitchen and wonder an illustration made in enlarged view with a glass of kvass or lemonade. Dark brown tone of kvass will remind you the taste of dark beer but light-green tones of lemonade will help you to be concentrated at process of eating and feel the atmosphere of joy, happiness and harmony.

Wine Wall Murals

And at last it has to be said that a bottle of red or white wine fits well any dishes. As a rule a small glass of wine is served with meat dishes, potato, garnishing and even vegetables. A bottle lying near the meal demonstrates festive mood to people celebrated, be it a birthday, anniversary or any other festivity. If you are not the amateur of wine you may leave a picture the same just exchanging wine for a bottle of champagne or as it’s also called sparkling wine. Champagne serves as a tradition in many countries and is served at weddings and celebrations of great importance. Decorate your walls with the murals illustrating a nice combination of exotic fruits and a bottle of champagne. The atmosphere of festivity will necessarily bring to your kitchen room or any other room you are going to design. Everything depends just on your choice and designation of one or another drink to certain festivities. Before starting to decorate walls make sure they are as naked as possible and then the wall murals will take shape and will serve to you for many years.