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Each parent loves his or her child deeply and therefore tries to give him/her as much attention as possible. This attention, for instance, may be expressed by making kids happy with new magical wallpapers, installed in their room depicting various animated TV characters they like the most. The idea can be great, especially for birthdays, when parents have not decided on a present yet, but want to make their child happy. Redecorating child’s room with colorful wallpapers, depicting cartoon characters can a great addition to the main present. Wall mural will be in their room for a long time and every morning when they get up, their sight will be directed at the wall, decorated with wonderful wallpapers, lifting their spirits.

However, before getting a wallpaper for a child’s room, one needs to know what the child likes. As a rule, 6-7year olds like choosing wallpapers together with their parents. At this age, they like images of cute animals, magical trees from fairytales and wildlife as well. Wallpapers like that contain the magical elements for them and make them happy. Nevertheless, it is worth to remember that in time, their tastes can change and they may like different fictional characters, so the wall will have to be redecorated with a new mural.

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Unlike boys, girls love pastel tones combined with vivid flowers. Interior with a palette like this can provide comfort and coziness. Wallpapers with Disney princesses can be a good choice for girl’s room, as every girl has her own favorite princes she adores.

The most suitable wall mural for boys will be characters from animated movie “Cars” or pirates and transformers. Apart from that, boys may like wall murals containing ships and aircrafts. Nevertheless, every child in unique, so he may have his idea of what his wallpaper should contain. Listen to your child wishes, because it is the only way to make him happy.

There are neutral-themed wallpapers for children room, which can be liked both by boys and by girls. Among such wall murals are the images of characters from “Madagascar”, “Ice Age”, “Captain Nemo”, or “Masha i Medved”.

You may also contribute to developing of your child’s drawing skills. There exist a peculiar type of decorations, which look like wall murals but are similar to whiteboards in their nature. Your child will be able to draw on them and then wipe off the drawing to create another one. Wall murals like that develop motoric skills in a child. They also help children to become more creative, and use their imagination. Pre-teen children will tell you themselves what type of wall mural they like. Usually they prefer characters from sci-fi or adventure movies, such as “Avengers”, “Flash” and so on.

Wall murals are a perfect choice for a kid’s room, they are hypoallergenic due to the eco-friendly ink, used in their manufacturing, they are affordable, and can be easily hanged. Apart from that, wall murals are the most affordable decoration you can find, so if your child gets tired of seeing the same wall mural for several years, you can easily replace it.