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Fresco Wallpapering

As a rule, people compare wall frescos to great architectural wonders, such as museums, theaters or palaces. In this article, you’ll get a chance to familiarize yourself with modern fresco-style wallpapers, which look truly similar to fresco itself, because of its perfect textures and saturated colors allowing it to transform your chimney-corner into something luxurious and fabulous. Fresco wallpapers can dramatically change your interior and make it strikingly beautiful and original. Check out the best variants of designing living space with “frescos” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Innovative Ideas for Fresco Room Decor

Fresco murals are considered an old art technique, which is why it has found its reflection in depictions of ancient buildings or any other architectural wonders, which are of high interest from the historical point of view. History buffs will love these types of wall murals, as they can be used to recreate historical scenes of grand battles, depictions of amazing ancient manmade wonders and other historical events or places. For instance, one can choose the legendary Mona Lisa reproduction for fresco wall decoration. Noble and elegant depiction of mysterious Mona Lisa signifies beauty and innocence, immersing a person in the long-gone, but not forgotten Renaissance era. The majority of people appreciate the masterpieces of eminent painters, so the “frescos” of this kind will bring nobility and luxury into the bedroom interior.

Architecture is also a good subject for fresco-style wallpapers. People who adore travelling all over the world, visiting cities with ancient culture, and sightseeing have a possibility to recreate the images of old buildings, cafes, restaurants, hotels or any other interesting architectural structures they may have encountered during their travels. For achieving best visual effect of expanding your living space, choose a picture with cafe-terrace with windows wide-open. This will allow you to feel hope and tranquility every time you wake up and glance at your nice decorations.

Floral Illustrations for Fresco Wallpapers

The illustrations with various flowers imitating fresco on wallpapers are strikingly beautiful. Floral world can boast an abundance of colorful and intricate in design flowers, blossoming in the spring or in the summer, bringing sunny mood and many positive emotions. You can choose a poppy field, or a field with sunflowers, or just a mural of a rose garden, mesmerizing with its beauty and majesty. The choice is vast, so don’t miss your chance to decorate your living space with something gorgeous and unusual.

The Advantages of Fresco style Wall Decorations

One of the most distinctive advantages of wall murals is, of course, their premium quality and usage of ecological inks in their manufacturing. The vinyl textures, for instance, are quite durable and easy to clean. Modern textures possess photographic quality of printing, making them the most affordable and versatile way of decorating your living space.