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Fresco Nature wallpapers

Modern wallpapers with fresco style imitate fresco works dated back to the epoch of Renaissance having made a great impression upon painters of those times representing Italy, France and other European countries. Some things like for example using for picture subject old buildings to convey the atmosphere of people and what lifestyle did they have. There’s no doubt that nature motifs have found its application in frescos as well and perhaps this is the reason why such wallpapers are in demand even today turning back to traditional art and history. So let’s present best illustrations of nature subject fitting best a home interior.Buy Nature theme Wall Murals | Fresco Wallpaper at

Colorful Nature Fresco Murals

Thanks to the hi-tech materials that are used today in wallpaper industry fresco wallpapers are vivid and saturated in colors so one can have a real work of masterpiece on his own walls. Natural subjects for wallpapering create the atmosphere of joy, freshness, good disposition and fit of energy. A best picture for wall decoration is a seascape with and some stairs leading to a small beach decorated on both sides by flowerbeds. The background is covered by mountains spreading beyond and sky which is very clear in sunny weather. Some boats are staying in water for embellishing the whole picture. This picture can be made in a fabulous subject so the boats may be diminished to look like they are toy. As to the flowerbeds along stairs this is characteristic for Renaissance period of art as all city and town streets were decorated with them.

Next image could be fit a large hall by its colorfulness. The subject is represented by a reservoir in woods formed as a result of a waterfall on downhill. The picture imprinted some blue peafowls with feathering of light grey color staying near the reservoir. Its turquoise tail fits the picture and catches the eye.

One more extravagant picture subject for fresco stylized wallpapers is a blooming garden. Its paved path leading to woods through a river looks very perfectly in a living room where all festivities take place. Nature brings flavor and freshness to your home.

If you prefer something fabulous autumn landscape fits you most. A path spangled with golden leaves which are falling on it. This place is usually a park or great botanic garden. Nice sight and splendid atmosphere in any room chosen.

How to choose Wall Murals?

At last remember that fresco stylized wallpapers replace successfully frescos themselves by saturated color spectrum and other useful characteristics. They are very ecologically clean that allows installing them wherever so you won’t have to be worried about its quality as they are durable with good texture. As to the price fresco wallpapers are by the way cheaper unlike fresco themselves, despite decent prices on some models not yielding in quality. Its durability is caused by vandal-proof texture protecting from any scratches and damage. Furthermore they are easy to wash and clean. You need quality – get it!