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Fresco wallpapering

As a rule people make a comparison between wall frescos and great objects of architecture as museums, theaters or palaces. What about this article you’ll get familiar with modern fresco stylized wallpapers which are hard to be distinct from a fresco itself, because of its perfect textures and saturated colors allowing to transform your chimney-corner into something luxurious and fabulous. So what are your expectations of that? See all best variants of designing living space with “frescos” and you’ll appreciate it for sure.

Innovative ideas for Fresco room decor

Fresco murals are considered to be an old technique of art, this is why it found its reflection in wallpapering mainly by means of ancient buildings or any other architecture objects all of which are of high interest from the historical point of view gaining support even today among thousands of people. So in this context you may willingly choose the legendary Mona Lisa picture for fresco wall decorations hiding something special in it. A cute image of the Mona Lisa emphasizes beauty and innocence, immersing a person in the distant Renaissance era. The art is almost in everybody’s heart so the “frescos” of this kind will bring more ideas and thoughts into the room interior, especially for gifted and creative persons looking for a source of spirit like this.

Architecture is also a good subject for fresco stylized wallpapers. People who adore travelling all over the world visiting cities with ancient culture and sights have a possibility to create the images of old buildings, cafes, restaurants, hotels or whatever right in your room. For achieving best visual effect of enlarging your living space choose a picture with cafe-terrace with windows wide-open. This aspect is important for such intent. Thus waking up in the morning your thoughts will be fill up with great memories of travelling every time you take glance at your nice decorations.

 Floral illustrations for fresco wallpapers

The illustrations with various flowers for imitating fresco in wallpapers represent a beauty. Vegetable world is rich of very tender and nice flowers blossoming in the spring or in the summer, bringing sunny mood and lots of positive emotions. You may choose a poppy field, or a field spread with sunflowers or just depicting a garden of roses alluring by its delicacy and majesty. The choice is vast, the offers are fast, so don’t miss your great chance to decorate your living space with something delicate and attractable.

The advantages of fresco stylized wall decorations

One of most distinctive advantages is of course premium quality of this category of wallpapers, its ecological compatibility. The vinyl textures, for instance are quite durable being easy to wash and clean. Modern textures possess photographic quality of printing, making them top one.