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3D Floral Wall Murals

Nowadays, there exists an abundance of means for creation of perfect interior, which corresponds to tastes and wishes of the house owners. Wall murals take a special place in this abundance of interior decorations. A refreshing and unusual way of bringing life and story in the walls of your room, wall murals are gaining more and more popularity. Wallpapers are a perfect alternative to paintings and other types of dimensional art, as they do not shrink the room visually and do not require any space. Apart from that, wall murals are very affordable, but can drastically change your room’s interior. There exist various themes for wall murals; however, below we’ll have a brief look at the innovative wall murals with 3D effect:

Types of Living Spaces Suitable for Floral Wall Murals with 3D Effect

Living Room

Living room is a place where the entire family gathers in the evening to discuss the event of the day that has passed, to play some board games or watch TV. It is also the room, where family friends are invited to have a couple of drinks and to chat. Therefore, being the heart of the house, living room must be extraordinary beautiful. Wall murals with 3D effect, especially flower-themed can provide that beautiful and soothing effect. Living room must be bright and cozy, which is why it is better to select a wall mural in pastel tones, such as white, beige, blue, olive or light brown.


Bedroom is the place where we let go of our problems and rest, read a book, watch a movie, which is why bedroom must be especially comfortable. Interior designers usually choose calming themes and colors for this room. Among the most popular themes are seascapes, landscapes, flowers and animals. Flowers bring tranquility and hope, which is why wall mural depicting flowers almost growing out of your wall will be especially suitable for bedroom.

Children’s Room

Children's room must be as soothing and comfortable as possible, because every child needs to see beauty growing up. Flower wall murals can be installed on the wall opposite to your child’s bed, so that he or she can see a beautiful fairytale picture first thing in the morning while waking up. Floral murals with 3D effect will also look beautifully in nurseries, providing tranquility and soothing effect during breastfeeding.

Dining Room

What can be better than a delicious meal with your family? Dining room is among the places where you want to feel warmth, coziness and comfort. The most frequently chosen themes for dining room décor are glasses of wine, grapes, beautifully arranged baskets of fruits or vegetables, and flowers. Flowers can cheer everyone up. They are beautiful, gentle and not tacky. Floral wall mural with 3D effect will become a perfect choice for a dining room, uniting the entire interior and brining tranquility to the owners of the house.

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