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Flower-themed Wall Murals

Nowadays, designers have a great opportunity for turning original ideas and fantasies into reality. Wall murals are unique and unusual decoration for modern interior. Unlike wallpapers, they allow drastically changing the outlook of you living space without any furniture rearrangements. Just imagine the strikingly beautiful visual effect that can be achieved by hanging a wall mural depicting fresh flowers with droplets of dew on them. Flowers on a wall refresh any living space making it roomier and more welcoming. Let us take a look at types of flower wall murals and their combinations with other elements of interior décor.

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Best Flower Wall Murals

Every interior is more or less unique and calls for specific color palette. Thus, bright red tulips will look strikingly beautiful on a wall if the rest of the color palette is monotone, for instance white or light beige. However, if your room is full of colorful elements of décor, bright flowers on the wall will overload the visual perception of your room, which is why white lilies or roses will be more suitable for an interior like that.

Flower Wall Murals for Nursery

Nurseries should be decorated with light and pastel tones, in order to avoid causing visual overload for your baby. Chamomiles, gerbers, lilies, orchids, and peonies will look simply gorgeous in the nursery, accomplished in calm and soothing colors. Wall murals allow your creativity run wild, which is why you can choose any image with flowers that you like and order a wall mural with its depiction. Combining wall mural with other elements of décor will also help to create unique and beautiful nursery interior. For instance, floral wall murals look sophisticated and modern in combination with skillfully selected nightlights.

Living Room Decorations for Walls

A living room especially when it is spacious will be a perfect place for wall murals with decorative flowers’ depictions. Wall murals like that can also be combined with other elements of home décor, such as beautiful vase with freshly cut flowers. If the interior of your room is accomplished in classic style, you can choose a wall mural of a blossoming garden. Abundance of flowers with droplets of dew and their cheerful color palette will elevate everyone’s mood and make a great impression on guests.

Best Stylistic Solutions for Bedroom

It’s well known fact that bedroom is a place for relaxation and reflection, which is why any nuances in this room play an important role for creation of soothing atmosphere. Wonderful solution will be a wall mural with blossoming lilac garden, placed opposite to bed. Spring lilac flowers signify awakening, hope and freedom of mind. If your significant other loves flowers gathered in a bouquet, you can choose a wall mural with this theme. Just remember to combine the image’s color palette with the one you already have in the interior. Wall murals like that are made with acrylic paints, which dry up fast and do not fade with time.

Why Flower-themed Wall Murals are a Great Choice?

Flower wall murals create a welcoming and soothing ambiance in the room. They will look great in a living room, where you socialize with your guests, family members and friends. Apart from that, flower wall murals is a much more affordable solution for interior décor than commissioning of a painting. Wall murals offered by are made of high-quality materials with eco-friendly and hypoallergic inks that do not cause allergies. They do not require high maintenance, which is why you can just occasionally swipe them with dry cloth.