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Fantasy world Wall Murals

Wall Murals appeared on the market quite recently, nevertheless, modern designers use them for interiors and exteriors’ decoration with progressive frequency.  These panels offer various textures and patterns, they are vivid and do not fade with time, thus fitting well into any ambiance. We will show several examples of successful integration of Fantasy Wall Murals in different ambiances to provide a better notion of how they look in various interiors and rooms.  

Nursery Fantasy Wall Murals

It is quite difficult to take into account all elements that a suitable nursery fantasy wall mural must embrace, be it an appropriate place in the room, usage of color palette, background for games and activity, and most importantly – capacity to stimulate child’s creativity and imagination. However, despite all the unavoidable fuss with selection and hanging of the nursery fantasy mural, it is definitely worth it, as it will help turning your kid’s room into a fairy-tale place, where his or her imagination will run wild.  Fantasy wall mural does not have to be overly expensive, forcing you to waste a fortune on it. offers a rich selection of affordable and gorgeous fantasy wall mural of various styles, types and sizes. A single fantasy wall mural can replace an entire row of room decorations that would have cost you an arm and a leg, if bought separately, and the result will be much more appreciated and admired by your child.

Living room Fantasy Wall Murals

With the ever-growing popularity of lofts, grunt-style wall murals become the first choice in selection of room décor, especially if the loft is planned as a male living space. The abundance of styles and textures of the modern murals allows creation of unique designs, which look striking even if your apartment of loft has a combination of modern and retro furniture and/or elements of décor. The new trend is turning one of loft’s walls into an exterior-looking façade. For instance, this can be achieved with the help of the mural that depicts cracked brick wall, which can be usually seen in the old parts of the city. This approach allows application of wall mural even on uneven or cracked walls as it contains the elements of fake surface defects itself. Another variant of living room fantasy wall mural is embracing the nature and creation of so-called window into the wild, where the wall mural depicts a part of the sunlit forest. Murals like that significantly help to visually expand the space, bring the freshness and life into your room, as well as provide tranquility, which is a much-needed commodity in the overcrowded city’s busy life.  

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