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Wall murals for nurseries

Since the dawn of time wall decorations have been an object of human’s attention. People painted walls by hand using brushes. However, with a flow of time, there have emerged new technologies, paints and styles, which shows that their popularity hasn’t diminished and they still serve as a unique and luxurious way of improving the outlook of modern dwellings. Cutting-edge technologies allow artists to create digital wall murals, as well as to develop improved materials for wall surface preparation. The work process is facilitated even further by combining traditional brushes with airbrushes for creation of unique masterpieces. . In this article, you’ll get familiar with best variants of children rooms’ decoration with wall murals that create the atmosphere kids would like to live in.

Nursery wall decor

It’s not a secret that choosing the right wall mural for nursery is not an easy task, as the main goal is to make the room comfortable and pleasant for the child. The illustrations for wall murals may be comprised both of simple and intricate elements depending on the budget, interior, child’s preferences and so on. Large-scale decorations are usually the competence of a professional designer, however simpler decorations, including detailed, small and multi-colored images, can be hand-made. The cornerstone of successful nursery wall décor lies in selection of an appropriate image, materials and strict following of wall murals installation rules. Are you ready to take a glance at inspiring selections for room walls? Ready-made and hand-made decorations for children’s room

When a parent wants to delight his/her boy or girl with some changes in their room, but drawing illustrations is not his forte, one may resort to delicate stencil drawings. . Themes for decorations may be various: starting with celestial bodies in the form of stars, sun, moon or all the planets up to the very ordinary illustrations, such as images of animals or ready-made murals with natural landscape and any other memorable places, which are attention-worthy. In order to select the right mural it’s very important to pay attention to the child’s tastes, hobbies and so on, especially if he is in process of personal development, which usually happens at the age of 6 to 9 years.

Another original variant of wall decoration is the creation of hand-made drawing, for instance of a tree with lush branches, positioned above child’s bed–head. This may be a fruit tree enticing with its appetizing cherries, apricots or something else or some flowers like lilac or red rose, whose petals will also bring some freshness into the room, especially if it is a girl’s room.

Boys under the age of 7 will be happy to see airplanes or any spaceships from cartoons and/or animated series.

Why Nursery wall murals are so popular?

Wall decorations for children room are abundant in colors, ideas and techniques. I there are any doubts about the quality and resiliency - there’s nothing to worry about: ready-made wall murals are made with acrylic paints, which are quite popular nowadays due to their rich colors that are not fading in the sun and not losing its luster. However, in case your only option is handmade decorations, you can let your imagination run wild. You can be sure that bright wall murals with themes of nature, butterflies, birds, animals, landscapes or fields will become your child’s objects of admiration and delight.