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These were not all the themes for shop wallpapers design, so any person can find on this page more variants for decoration presented in the rest of categories, including also floral ornaments, wall murals for kitchen or technology and transport one. Who knows, perhaps you’ll select some of them for your home interior placing such wallpapers in a room which suits best for that.

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If you have an opportunity to make a visit to accessory shop you can be greatly surprised: such stores do every time think of its clients so by this reason the management took into account the very bright and impressive illustrations for its clientele. The accessories are represented by various token gifts, statuettes and other needful articles. In this case it is advisable to depict wallpapers with architectural motifs imprinting cityscapes, monuments or any other types of buildings. Some accessories from assortment do contain architectural detail of this kind so people are glad to be situated in such an agreeable and nostalgic atmosphere. Printed wall murals with wonderful sights will help one getting to know the world better but the souvenirs bought from there will delight with its uniqueness.


Nowadays decoration of walls with bright prints is quite topical occupation, particularly when the question is about commercial premises design. It is why one may find a wide variety of wallpaper themes and illustrations for shops and stores on this web page including lots of fresh categories from which they can be extracted. First of all there have to be taken into consideration tastes and preferences of each client individually as this step is of great interest for owners to attract more and more customers come in. In other words shop or store is a public place which should serve as a visit card for many people by means of its carefully selected interior design which can be achieved solely by choosing appropriate wall decorations.

Before going into detail let’s take a glance at all possible variants of adorning shops. If it’s said about a zoo shop there’s no doubt that themes from the category “Animals” are suitable for giving this space a delicate decor. Some wallpaper illustrations with cute dogs, cats or rabbits can lift the spirits of those who are situated within. The situation is clear: a person who has once visited the shop will do this next time being seriously attracted by nice design and lifelike animals imprinted on wall murals.

Next interesting category of wallpapers is dedicated to kids. Themes and motifs for decorating walls in such a case are quite relevant for shops specialized in selling various sorts of toys - that is something like “Children’s Paradise” which any of us can find in his own city. It would be necessary to mention here that mottled color selection for shop wall murals create a specific visual effect among little kids for whom bright wallpaper images are tempting. As a result carefully made interior design combined with a vast goods assortment do miracles so parents together with their little children will express a desire to visit this shop again and again.