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Best-Selling Wall Murals

Popular wallpapers or as they are also called bestseller wallpapers are nowadays represented by a wide variety of themes and motifs. They are in great demand for home, office, restaurants and any other types of interior. The point is that “bestsellers” are meant to meet preferences, visions and plans of every person for decoration of their home, because living space has to look good and be comfortable. Let us take a look at the most popular bestseller wall murals that people get in order to decorate their home. Perhaps, one of these themes will suit your home and become the centerpiece of your room.

Floral-themed Wall Decorations

People always admire beautiful things and sceneries, which provide calming and soothing effect. For instance, images depicting strikingly gorgeous natural landscapes, cityscapes and other great places from around the world. Usually, home décor is in the hands of women, so let us start with their favorite themes for wallpapers. As a rule, they are more impressed by floral depictions of roses, poppies, chamomiles or orchids. These motifs never lose their popularity, making even a common interior more prominent and welcoming regardless of fashion trends and innovative design ideas. Among wallpaper illustrations of this type is the depiction of gentle orchids on water. A flower reflection on water looks so beautiful due to carefully selected pastel tones, which create the atmosphere of tranquility and soft light.

Natural and City Landscape Wallpapers

Nature’s landscapes are diverse and breathtaking, which is why there exists and abundance of landscape wallpapers, depicting different corners of the world. Some people prefer lake views, while others are fond of snowy mountains. A nice bestseller wall mural with a view of the seaside from a balcony or terrace will be perfect for large living rooms or even bedrooms. A mural depicting seascape will provide the owner of the house with energy, hopefulness, and good mood to start a day with a positive note. Wall murals can be combined with other interior details, such as window sash or nightlights for achieving striking visual effect.

Many people prefer night city view of huge metropolises like New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Paris, London and many others. Night Brooklyn Bridge illustration could transform the atmosphere in a room into romantic one, where the loving couple feels happy and comfortable.

As to the natural motifs, a depiction of forest road is no less impressive because people living in huge cities are deprived of happiness one can feel by walking through the forest, however with forest-themed wall murals they get a possibility to admire its beauty without leaving home.

Why are the Bestsellers in Demand?

Finally, it should be said that this category of wall murals is known for both rich assortment and high quality of printing and texture. Moreover, the use of saturated acrylic inks makes the illustrations look bright and colorful, while hard non-woven vinyl textures are water and moisture resistant. Bestseller wall decorations are always in trend, because people appreciate their high quality and durability. Select wall murals of your dream and they will transform your home interior into cozy and pleasant living space.