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Bedroom design with the help of wall murals

Bedroom is usually regarded as a love nest for two people in love who spend their precious time together in there. Therefore, it is extremely important for the room to be comfortable, cozy and soothing enough for the both of them to be able to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Every detail matters, be it color palette, choice of furniture or even a wall mural that both of them find inspiring. Newlyweds frequently start their journey of life together with redecoration of their home. Let us take a look on how one can combine various elements of décor in order to achieve that desired atmosphere of tranquility and intimacy that one would wish to have in their bedroom.

Unique solutions for bedroom wall decor

There exists a multitude of ways of making bedroom a romantic place, possessing special private atmosphere and providing a safe haven for relaxation after a hard day of work. Among them is hanging a beautiful, calming wall mural above the bedhead. Themes of a mural like that can vary from flowering orchids, like sakura or tulips that symbolize the developing of feelings and passion, which the lovers show to each other.

Another variant of decorating walls in bedroom includes picturesque landscapes along the entire room perimeter. One can even add 3D effect by hanging windows sash with the view of a river or seashore with large beach giving the bedroom a fresh feeling. Wall murals like that can both remind the newlyweds about the upcoming seaside vacation or the vacation that they had already spent on a nice and sunlit resort. These decorations visually expand space, granting people living in his room, feeling of freedom, inspiration and hope.

Key recommendations for selection of bedroom wall murals

If you are planning on redecorating your bedroom, you should take into account some general notions that will help you make your living space roomier, lighter and cozier. Combining various styles of décor is probably not a good idea, unless you are a free spirited talented artist, living in a hipster studio, so choose a style and combine color palette, furniture and wall decorations in compliance to it. If you are planning to hang a mural on a wall opposite to the big window, you can use dark tones, because they will not shrink your room visually. However, if your room has small windows or just is not located on a sunny side of the house, use wall murals of light colors. Print-Services.com offers an enormous collection of such prints, so they will not be hard to find.

Another advice for bedroom décor is related to the size of your room itself. If you have a small room, try not to overload it with posters, framed prints, multiple photo frames, as they will only make the space look more confined than it truly is. Instead, choose one very light wall mural that depicts a balcony, a field or anything that visually considerably expands the space of your room and hang it opposite to the door. In this case, your guests will not feel trapped in a tiny place, when entering your bedroom.

Why people choose to use wall murals in bedroom interior?

Beauty attracts people of all ages from young to old, which is why every one of us wants to live in a gorgeous room that we can be proud of. Not everyone can afford expensive decorations like chandeliers, statues, leather furniture and so on, but wall murals are affordable for everyone and can be customized to correspond to every taste, style and size. Abundance of themes for wall murals guarantees that every person can find one that he will like, be it nature, wildlife, fantasy, art, technology, or anything else.