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Art Wallpapers Features

It’s not a secret that thanks to a brush or a pencil, painter is able to do miracles, which are hard to describe: these subtle and finest nuances are created for promoting good disposition, visually expanding living space, and allowing the owner of the art to embark in an imaginative trip into the world, depicted in the painting. However, you don’t need to buy expensive paintings anymore because one can purchase a gorgeous wall mural of various art reproductions. These types of wallpapers transform the entire interior by creating remarkable and magical world, capturing one’s imagination.

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Particular Style for Each Room

If you decided to decorate your home interior with art-themed wallpapers, it is worth to remember that bright colors make magnificent accent in the bedroom, as long as the rest of wall is sole-colored and the chosen palette compliments the wall mural successfully. Thus, you may emphasize the beauty of your art masterpiece, without overloading the room with bright and incompatible colors. Remember that the theme for the wall mural should correspond to the type of the room. Let’s take a look at wallpaper themes and motifs, which are most suitable for various living spaces in apartments and houses.

Living Room Stylistic Solutions

As a rule, living room is a place where family gathers to spend some time together and to hang out with guests, friends and neighbors if they decide to pay you a visit. This is why famous paintings are perfect for this room. These paintings can be reproductions of impressionism masterpieces, depicting such themes as landscapes, portraits, abstract art and many other, so it’s up to you and your family members to select the most suitable one. It is also worth to remember not to clutter your room with unnecessary furniture in order to visually expand space.

Bedroom Stylistic Solutions

Bedroom has always been considered to be a room for relaxation, which is why it is recommended to choose wall murals, accomplished in more tranquil tones without any gloomy illustrations. Best themes for a cozy atmosphere are various types of nature, flowers, seascapes, butterfly, and bird images. These are the things, which help everyone to relax.

Playroom Stylistic Solutions

Most suitable children’s room themes are ships and marine landscapes, woods, fantasy images, animals and many other things helping to develop both a kid’s creative abilities and imagination. Famous paintings reproduction with natural landscapes will be suitable as well, allowing children to feel the friendly atmosphere, giving the room enough light.

Kitchen Room Stylistic Solutions                                                          

Kitchen requires pleasant and refreshing wallpaper themes, which can be found in still life. They can depict various themes, for instance, fresh fruits and vegetables carefully served in a large basket. At the same time, narrow streets may expand a room visually creating the effect of “depth”.

Why Art Wall Murals are a Great Choice?

First of all, it should be said that wallpapers with art themes are much cheaper compared to original high-cost paintings. Moreover, painting reproductions create the effect of real painting due to durable paints and textures, so don’t miss a chance to get one of them and beautifully decorate your house.