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Overview and Types of Materials for Wall Murals


Rather popular material, more frequently used for portrait printing, as well as printing of various movie stars and themes for kids. It has subtle texture and is almost smooth, imitating the texture of fine sand. Sand looks amazing in any interior.


Universal material, suitable for printing of all types of images, from portraits to landscapes and flower themes. It has a noble and pleasant to touch texture that imitates canvas. Any type of print will look absolutely gorgeous on it.


Fresco ennobles every interior. It is mainly used for fresco printing, as well as printing of retro images and vintage themes, such as reproductions of world-known masterpieces. This material possesses a well-pronounced texture that imitates that of a real fresco.


Stucco looks simply amazing in public establishments’ interiors, as well as in rooms, where walls are finished with decorative stucco. Although this material allows to print any images on it, it is unsuitable for portrait printing. Stucco also has a well-pronounced texture.

Product Name: A glass of orange juice

Material: Paper-backed heavy vinyl wallcovering 300 gsm/m2 (made in Netherlands)

Type of wallpaper: Heavy vinyl wallpaper (not self-adhesive, need glue)

Material features: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mold-Proof, Smoke-Proof, Soundproof, Sound-Absorbing, Heat Insulating

When you compare our wallpapers with those of other manufacturers, please pay close attention to their density (it is usually not indicated, so you get thin wallpapers, while ours are heavy vinyl 300 gsm, damage- and scratch-resistant, can be cleaned by a wet cloth, and they will serve over 10 years without fading and losing their amazing vividness and colors)

Max Width of one roll: 130 centimeters

Max Height of one roll: 50 meters

Inks: eco-friendly latex technology inks (made in Germany)

Certificates: Greenguard Children & Schools and UL ECOLOGO

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Please note that the picture you see is not the original file. The showcased picture is presented for informative purposes only. To ensure fast processing of the pictures, uploaded on the website, make sure they are size-compressed.

The printed wallpapers are of the highest resolution, have clear lines and vivid colors.


In case you decided on buying gorgeous Drinks-themed wall mural “A glass of orange juice” from our  Kitchen category – you can be sure that you have made the right choice! It will look great in your living room. Print-Services.com offers a wide selection of qualitative and durable Kitchen Wall murals made of high quality materials and eco-solvent inks that are hypoallergenic and do not cause negative health effects. Cutting-edge technologies allow us to create magnificent, vivid and robust Drinks-themed wall murals that do not fade with time under the sunlight, remaining colorful and bright for many years.

Instruction on Hanging Paper-or Canvas-based Vinyl Wall Murals

Print-Services.com creates next-generation wall murals, using high-quality materials and eco-solvent ink. Apart from enhanced color rendition, various textures (sand, canvas, fresco, stucco, paint brushes), we offer wide roll wallpaper cutting that allows reducing the number of seams to minimum. The maximum width of each stripe is 1.3 m (59 in), while the length is unlimited. Incase you order wallpapers that do not exceed 1.3 m (59 in) in width or length, we will make them for you as a whole, seamless print!

Wallpapers need to be left for 24 hours to settle

Wallpapers need to be completely straightened out before hanging.
Spread the wallpaper on a flat surface and let it rest for at last a 24-hour period.

Process of Wall Murals Hanging

Process of our wall murals hanging is the same as hanging of standard vinyl wallcoverings, which is why the same standard rules perfectly apply here:

You will need:

Instruction on Hanging Paper or Canvas based Vinyl Wall Murals & Wallpapers at Print-Services.com


  • Clean dry cloth

  • Glue brush

  • Rubber roller for smoothing rolls (denser one)

  • Roller for glue application

  • Simple pencil

  • Rubber roller for smoothing rolls

  • Tape measure

  • Stationery knife

  • Level for exact wallpaper application

1. When choosing glue, suitable for wall murals hanging, one must take into account the weight of the

wallpapers (300 gm/m2 or 12.7 oz/yd2). We highly recommend using heavy-duty glue for vinyl wallcoverings, ideally – an adhesive for glass fiber.

2. First, you have to prepare your wall for the wall mural. You wall must be perfectly smooth, dry, clean, ad without any cracks.

Apart from that, it has to have a normal absorption rate, which is why you will have to prime it thoroughly. If your walls are coated in old paint, you will have to remove it, sand the walls and clean them with wet cloth afterwards.
3. After the wall is ready, you will have to pencil the exact space on the wall, where you intend to hang your wall mural.

4. Glue must be applied both on the wall surface, as well as on the wall mural. Layer of glue must be thin and even, spread from center to the edges. (Use the brush around the edges and apply thin layer of glue to avoid spilling it to the face side).

Glue for Wall Muras must be applied both on the wall surface | Print-Services.com

5. After the glue is applied, wall mural must be left to soak for a bit (for 3-5 minutes – this time is usually indicated by manufacturer on the glue package).

6. The first strip must be hanged very precisely, vertically, with the help of the level. Wall mural stripes must be hanged with overlap (1.5 – 2 cm or 0.59 – 0.78 in). If the wall mural is hanged correctly, the additional 1.5 cm (0.59 in) must be cut off with the help of a level.

7. Excess glue must be carefully removed with wet sponge before it dries up. Paper hanging brush and rubber roller squeegee must be used to evenly smooth out the surface and bind seams.

Wall Murals for your Home. Decor for Bedroom at Print-Services.com

8. Avoid draughts during the process of wall mural hanging and 48 hours afterwards.
9. Do not use rigid metal and plastic spatulas in the process of wall mural hanging in order to avoid scratches.

10. Wall mural can be cleaned with wet cloth in a week after it was hanged.

Division of Wall Mural into Stripes

Wall murals printed in compliance with dimensions, indicated by you, are usually divided into even vertical, sometime horizontal cloth stripes. Maximum depth of such stripe is 1.3 m (59 in). Number of cloth stripes depends on the total width of the printed image.

For example, you need a print with dimensions of 3.6 m х 2.5 m (W x H). In this case, your wall mural will consist of three even parts 1.2-meter wide. Height will remain 2.5 meter.

In case you need your wall mural to be made as a whole, seamless print, its width or height must not exceed 1.3 meter.


Q: What should you do if a picture contains text?

In this case, you should contact us. We will be able to either remove the text or replace it with another one. We can also make some necessary image modifications, such as deleting or adding some elements that could improve the selected image to fit your interior better.

Q: How to select the needed size?

Contact us, or leave a text message in Live Chat with details of what you need, and our customer support representative will get back to you with sketch of what your selected image will look like in the desired size. If you approve it, item will be added to your shopping cart, where you will be able to complete the order.

Q: I have looked through your entire website and cannot find the picture I need, what should I do?

Contact us and we will help you find the image you are looking for. Our inventory of images is quite big, so we may have the image you are looking for even if it is not showcased in the corresponding category.

Q: How do I go about making a wallpaper of the image I prepared?

We are always open to printing any custom images that our clients select. In order to get a custom wall mural, you need to upload your image and send us an e-mail with the indication of your desired dimensions and your e-mail, which you have used while registering on our website. Please note, that in case you are planning on printing wallpaper of a considerable size, resolution of the uploaded image must be high. After we review your image and requested dimensions of the wall mural you need, we will contact you with the details, regarding price, possibility to print your image in requested size and other details, necessary for successful completion of your order.

Q: How to measure a wall for wallpapers’ application?

You need a measurement instrument to measure a wall. Start with measuring the width and height of your wall, filling the data in the right field. After the measurements are complete, contact us and we will make the custom size of the image you chose.

Q: What should I do if I need a wall mural of a smaller size than shown in the constructor?

If you need a smaller size than shown in constructor - take measurements of your wall and write down the respective sizes of height and width, after that click on the checkbox "unlock size" and select the portion of picture you would like to be printed.

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