Choose Epoxy Magnet Business Cards template

You are looking for an unusual promotional product to develop your business? Epoxy Magnet Business Card is the excellent choice!

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We offer the most popular business card size 50X90mm (2X3,5’’).

If you need custom sized magnets, just send us your request and we will calculate the best price for you.

We use high quality magnetic vinyl, thickness 0,5mm (20 mil), and epoxy resin in production.

We print 4+0 (full color front / empty back) on magnetic vinyl.


Magnetic business cards with epoxy resin are finished product and don’t need coating.

Here at you can order 2 different ways of finishing to make your Epoxy Magnet Cards unique.

1. Round corners – is an option to go different from square corners and to enrich your business card.

2. Die cutting – is a simple process of cutting the card into different shapes, it is often used to see beyond the card or to give it a different shape.

We produce any quantity, beginning with 12 pcs.

Predefined Templates

On our website you can select an image from thousands of ready-to-print designs. All of them are divided by types and ready for print. You will only need to choose the design and size. Designs are constantly updated.

Your design

We accept print-ready files of the customer.

Acceptable File Formats:

  1. Adobe Acrobat 9 Document (*.pdf) (recommended) 
  2. Adobe Illustrator CS3 Artwork (*.ai) (recommended) 
  3. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Image (*.psd) (recommended)
  4. CorelDraw (*.cdr)
  5. TIFF Image (*.tif,*.tiff)

however PDF is the preferred format.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This template can be imported into: InDesign, Quark Express, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and many other content creation programs.

Check your file to make sure it meets our file creation guidelines. This will help speed up the production of your project and give your printed piece the best results

  1. Use the CMYK colorspace (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK). These are industry standard printing colors. CMYK colors are different than RGB (Red, Green, Blue), which are used to display colors on your screen.
  2. Use a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. You may also choose to submit your file at half-size. Anyfilesuploadedathalf-sizerequire 600 dpi.
  3. All fonts need to be outlined or embedded.
  4. Specify trim area with crop marks. (Don't place crop marks inside the work area.)
  5. Artwork should have 1/4" bleed extending past the trim line. This is to prevent minor cutting variations from leaving unintended results at the trim edge.
  6. Safe Area is the 1" area inside the trim line. Do not put critical information or images within the Safe Area. This is to prevent minor cutting variations from leaving unintended results at the trim edge.
  7. Large Format printed borders can go all the way to the trim line, so long as they include full bleed.

Online PDF Proof: You will be sent a link to view your proof via email. Please keep in mind that this is only a proof for content and positioning; the color on your screen may vary from the color of your final product, depending on your monitor and viewing conditions.

No Proof, Run As-Is: This option is for the industry professional who is certain their project is ready to hit the press and does not require the additional security of a proof.

File Check:

If our prepress department sees anything questionable with your file, we will contact you via email with our concerns. Should prepress email you, please note that your job is not considered fully submitted until you respond to this email. This should be factored into your turnaround time.

Please Note: The charge for our technical team to review your file when first submitted is included in the price of your order. If they note technical concerns with your file, they may email you with their concerns so you can upload a corrected file. If subsequent uploads still contain errors, you may be charged an additional prepress fee to review your file again.

We do not provide design services, as concept, logo, images, text, and revisions. We propose to use ready-made templates that you can find on our site. Or Online PDF Proof of the file send by yourself.

Print Magnet & Epoxy Business Cards

It's not a secret that in modern world, fed-up with advertising of every sort, is very hard to promote your company or business, let alone get noticed among others. For this very reason creativity comes into play, when you're applying for a job or simply want your company to get noticed. Personalized epoxy magnet cards can be a perfect opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd and leave your competition behind.

Custom epoxy magnet cards will not only give you a chance to present your company, business or line of work in the most advantageous way, but also will convey its essence in the most appropriate way possible. In case your line of work is connected with creativity in any form, then epoxy magnet business cards are the best solution for you. They are beautiful, durable and striking. People will place them on their fridges and be able to reach you as soon as the need in your products or services arises.

In case you go with this option, it is worth to know that cheap epoxy magnet business cards will not be a suitable option as they are manufactured with materials of the poor quality and correspondingly fade or break very easily. Besides, cheap epoxy may give a net of tiny cracks and eventually your card will crumble and get tossed in the trash bin.

If you truly want to make an impact with original and unique business card, you should order epoxy magnet business cards from a company with years of printing experience. Print-Services is one of such companies. We offer one of the widest rows of qualitative epoxy magnet business cards and we also have a team of talented and experienced designers, who will be able to give you a creative advice on how to present your company or business in the best possible way. The essence of your nature of business may be conveyed by a creative and original logo and your business card will look so good that people will want to save it and use it.