Sailboat_23 3 pieces Canvas Set Marine theme

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Product Name: Sailboat_23

Product type: Canvas Sets

Number of Panels: 3 Panel Sets

The number of pieces and sizes of the picture can be custom-made (write to us at

Terms of production: 1-3 working days

Framed Canvas Sets (stretched frame 2.5 cm):

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Unframed Canvas Sets:

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Mesmerizingly beautiful Marine theme-themed 3 Panel Sets canvas set “Sailboat_23” will become a true gem of your living room interior. Vivid and durable inks used in manufacturing of our Marine theme-themed Canvas Sets are eco-friendly and do not cause allergies. At, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to application of latest technologies that allow us to create stunning Marine theme multi panel sets at reasonable price. With us, you will have a chance to buyan exquisite decoration for your room without wasting ton of money on insanely expensive commissioned art that may even look worse than qualitative and strikingly beautiful canvas set from


Framed Prints, Canvas Prints and Panel Sets stretched on a frame, arrive ready be hanged. They have a hanger on their backside, so all you will have to do is hang them on a hook or nail.

Canvas Sets stretched on a frame, arrive ready be hanged | Canvases at
Unframed prints are images printed on canvas that are not stretched on a wooden frame, and are rolled and placed in a robust cylindrical for shipping. Unframed prints can be stretched on any frame you want in your nearby workshop.
How to Choose a Canvas Print for Your Room:
Canvas Print is an element of décor that unites your entire interior and serves as a centerpiece of your room, drawing the attention of house owners and guests alike. Therefore, the theme of the print must be soothing and relaxing.
Each living space calls for specific theme of canvas art. Here is a quick guide on choosing a suitable decor for your interior:
Living Room
The best themes for the living room are the dynamic cityscapes with multiple lights and moving cars, or a panel canvas set with multiple industrial themed stills.
Bedroom is the place where everyone relaxes after a stressful day at work, school and so on. Therefore, the theme of the art print should be calm. Landscapes of countryside, meadows and starry sky will suit this room the best.
Art prints depicting fresh and colorful fruits, berries, glasses of wine, or vineyards will look amazingly beautiful in the kitchen. They will prompt you to opt for a healthy lifestyle.
Cartoons and Disney characters are the most suitable themes for nurseries or children’s rooms. The fairy-tale ambiance will be emphasized with an art print of a beautiful princess of mermaid.
Generally speaking, the best spots for canvass are: above the fireplace (if you have one), above sofa, or if your dining room table is set near the wall, then above the table. The height must be around 150 cm or 5 feet, so that the art piece is on your eye level.

Shipping price for posters and unframed canvas prints is $9 for any size. These types or art prints are rolled and placed in a robust cylindrical tube to prevent any damage during shipping.

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Shipping price for canvas prints stretched on a frame and framed ones depends on their size, weight and destination country. These types of canvas prints are thoroughly packed in a sturdy box in order to avoid any damage during shipping.

Stretched Canvas Sets Prints Shipping |
Shipping time depends on the destination country, and can be seen during checkout. For instance, shipping time for European countries is 5-10 days.

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Cutting-edge Latex printing technology ensures the highest quality, water- and scratch-resistance of the prints, as well as their vividness and brightness. European-quality eco-friendly printing materials prevent our prints from fading with time even under direct sunlight.