Food and beverages Canvas Sets

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Food and Beverages Modular Paintings

Food and beverages are perhaps those two basic components the humanity can’t do without as each of us wouldn’t give up with eating or drinking something delicious and delicate. These are namely the picture motifs that tend to emphasize a room designation as well as to create a favorable atmosphere for both cooking and consuming meals. Juicy fruits and vegetables, a cup of rich coffee, a huge cake with pastry cream, a bar of chocolate or just a glass of red or white wine - the choice is everytime yours so it should be rational and desired. The web catalogue for this category of modular pictures will serve the best guide for you.

White Coffee Theme Modular Paintings

Coffee fixed with milk represents a picture illustration that looks quite uncommonly into design interior of kitchen or cookhouse. The modular picture that is going to be presented now depicts white coffee in form of two horses sweeping along being painted in black and white. It would be not bad to point out that such picture theme is original bringing a good frame of mind. In case one has children they will be very delightful to share their impressions about the canvas image with their parents and relatives.

Fruit Mix Modular Paintings

Focus your attention on an appetizing modular painting that is called “Tutti-frutti mix”. It is represented by a picture segmented in nine parts with different juicy fruits among which are kiwi, garnet, cherry, strawberry, orange, currant, raspberry, apples and apricots. As it is said that fruits stimulate one’s appetite an illustration like this will make you think of having heavy breakfast, dinner or supper. Besides that, segmentation of the printed canvas allows broadening human’s vision taking one’s eyes off from a fruit to another.

Canvas Sets with Wine

Now let’s move a bit to delicate beverages which people got long used to consume as a traditional drink. This printed modular picture depicts a bottle of collectible wine with splendid wine glasses alongside the barrel and a bunch of grapes. At first glance the canvas is quite suitable for living room design to reflect the solemn atmosphere of the living space mostly when guests coming. This is namely the room guests and friends have to be received into for spending time both cheerfully and amazingly.

Cocktail Theme Canvas Sets

Cocktails are the beverages that are so popular among the youth today. In connection to this young people living separately are recommended to decorate walls with modern stylish cocktail printed canvas depicting mojito. This top-quality cocktail is of naturally green color - the color that encourages optimism, good state of mind and mass of positive ideas in one’s head. The modular painting with mojito can be installed wherever fitting into any design interior.

Why Choosing this Category of Pictures?

The modular picture category “Food and Beverages” is considered to be a new tendency in modern design. Bright fruits, products and drinks look as appetizingly as when they are on the table. Hurry in to decorate your design interior with fresh food and beverage findings losing no color and luster at all.