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General Characteristics

Canvas Sets: General Characteristics

Before going into detail with the topic it would be relevant to mention that canvas is considered to be the most popular and best-selling material for painting. Its surface is quite hard and durable which usually allow applying numerous paint layers. Besides, it can endure various temperature and moisture fluctuations. Due to canvas material one may create large art masterpieces which are easy for transportation. Throughout this catalogue one may find canvas sets paintings of different formats such as A2, A3, A4, A5 or even A0 for amateurs of large picture formats. Let’s take a glance what are they.

No one doubts that real art paintings look nicely in any living space becoming more valuable from both cultural and material points of view. However there’s no need to worry: printed painting can look no worse than that original one, because it is much cheaper. Secondly your home interior will become no less colorful and attractive.

Now your attention will be focused on diverse canvas printing motifs of different formats. First of them is a wonderful A1 format picture depicting four lonely trees at the sunset. Peering more distinctly into it one may observe the use of various color tones which are carefully combined all together to show all the beauties of the nature. Bright autumn time with flame-colored foliage peculiar to it gives the sense of liveliness and good evening mood as autumn is always associated in human’s mind with something eccentric and innocent.

Next masterpiece of art also relates to the nature and namely green woods. It is of A2 format which is regarded as large one, too. At the picture one can see a well-defined dense covert delighting by its rich vegetation and tall broad-leaved trees. Presence of the sun makes the picture look more bright and realistic intensifying a person’s visual effect and giving a room enough light. Haunting beauty!


By juxtaposing two materials - canvas and paper it is surely clear that first one is much more durable than second one. The point is that canvas is a perfect material made of bound threads which are of different texture what makes it elastic. Paper, on the contrary is of much poorer quality by the reason that paint coated on it starts fading with course of time so this process is inevitable.

Five Main Advantages of Canvas Sets Paintings

Beside the basic characteristics of canvas sets paintings lying in moisture proof resistance, more even surface as a result of smooth synthetic fibres there are some technical ones which are the following:

  • Professional painting appearance. The surface of canvas is usually not dazzle so this is the reason why one can concentrate solely on picture detail. It is quite topical for painting and photo reproductions printed with the use of canvas.  

  • An easy opportunity of framing. In most cases it is not so difficult to select a needed frame to a canvas reproduction compared to an ordinary photo or image because the latter require some additional elements for making it more attractive than it is.

At last try to stick to all these necessary characteristics and your printed paintings will have a newer and fresher look within home interior.