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Canvas Sets: Best Design Solution

Everyone knows that repair works take plenty of time and efforts, however designing as a last stage of it is considered the most interesting one. In this context it would be important to note that there is a wide variety of decorative elements which fit perfectly into interior. As a rule such elements are represented by vases, statuettes or other objects of interior. But what do you think of stylish canvas or panel sets illustrations? These modular illustrations tend to decorate and enliven any living space from a small, cozy bedroom till an immense office room.

Modular Pictures: General Description

Modular picture comprises certain historical traditions which are closely tied with modern tendencies. Viewing them from the exterior it may be said that they are composed of an underframe with a strained canvas. They are specific by means of their performance, number of segments, sizes, forms, motifs and so on. This is namely the reason why all of them fit into any interior be it more or less intricate.

Technical characteristics of Modular Printed Paintings

Now let’s go a bit into details to find out what is the principle of making modular pictures. First of all one needs steady canvas which is usually made either of eco-friendly or artificial materials. Thus the natural canvas is splashed with modular images that look quite brightly and realistically.

Panel Pictures Segmentation

The segmentation of panel printed pictures into more pieces gives a modular picture distinguished appearance attracting by its nicety and an image depth. As a rule people’s attitude to it is always positive and if a customer wants to achieve best visual effect the illustration theme and technique of decoration have to be carefully combined with each other. The main advantage of modular painting is that it doesn’t have frames so it means that a spectator can enjoy the integral image perception.

Each image segment is usually of pretty large size about 80-120 cm in height and from 120 to 170 cm widthwise. Segments may take different positions: vertical, horizontal and even diagonal one. What position to choose depends primarily on clients’ individual tastes and preferences.

Panel Pictures Color Palette

As a rule pictures have three basic color spectrum such as full-color, black & white and black & white with the add of a certain additional color. For instance, black & white images look more tiredly than those made in full-color. Nevertheless full-color images find its practical value as well: they have a tendency to enliven living space so as made in calmer tones exemplified by some tender flower ornaments combined with well-defined natural landscape.

Why choosing Canvas Sets by Interior?

At last it would be of paramount importance to mention that panel illustrations are made thanks to the technology of photoprint that is of premium quality. Choosing an appropriate panel printed painting remember one crucial thing: the brighter image is the more restrained color background is. Thus you’ll never go over the top with color shades.