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Black & White Modular Pictures

There’s no doubt that modular pictures with black & white illustrations are regarded as an integral part of a stylish interior. These picture motifs are usually used as an addition to a minimalistic style although some of illustrations fit into other types of interior. As a result modern styles of interior provide large spaces so abstract picture illustrations do its best for making a room more comfortable to stay in. Access the online catalogue with the decoration variants you like the most and decide on your choice right now.

Abstract Theme Black and White Modular Pictures

As a rule abstract modular pictures fit well into any room interior. Illustrations painted in black and white tones are not obtrusive being smoothly combined with a general room style. As to picture segments their arrangement should go parallel with each other. One of happiest decor variant for home interior is an abstract picture with a whirlpool that is made with the alternate use of black and white color tones. The art composition is splendid if being thoroughly associated with light-colored furniture.

Next wall adornment comprises both black & white tones as well. The picture imprints zebra colouring. Beside the thing that the picture is quite relevant for playrooms its position may remain neutral in such a way that one can install it in any other room. The main rule here still lies in a careful color spectrum keeping. For instance if the living space to be designed is living room and it is of large size try to make the black prevail over the white. What about furniture and other objects of interior in this case they have to be chosen of as lighter tones as possible. Sticking to some of these simple rules means maintaining a certain contrast.

Black and white Modular Paintings

It is important to note that living spaces interior made in minimalist style require large format illustrations or patterns. A good way to achieve clearest visual effect is to choose a proper printed picture image represented by black & white abstract silk. Its well-defined position and large sizes peculiar to minimalism leads to concentrating one’s attention on the important detail of image rather than on room sizes. A great combination of all components together allows enriching the design interior with new elements and a set of saturated colors.

Original Design Black and White Interior Solution

Well, at last let’s move away a bit from abstract art compositions replacing them by white wonderful orchids with black background. The presence of white on black will add the sense of harmony, good intentions and tenderness coming from orchid flowers. The visual effect of the picture can be intensified when dividing it into three or four image segments placed vertically or horizontally.

Why Choosing this Category of Black and White Modular Pictures?

At the end one should keep in mind that black & white color combination can’t be obtrusive be it an abstract or another kind of image. Black & white pictures are in most part created for neutral design interior where such parameters as height, room area are paid much attention to. Stick to all of these features and your living space will have a nice refreshed look.