5 Panel Sets Canvases

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5 Panel Sets Decor

Panel sets illustration with five fragments represents a good finding not only for home interior, fitting also into other types of interior as coffee-houses, hotels or offices. It is important to note that it possesses a good vision, being very eye-catching because of its image pieces tricky arrangement which may be compared with a colorful mosaic made of more parts joined by a single theme. The web catalogue you are offered to visit contains numerous panel printed pictures composed of five segments the effect of which is percepted. Let’s move to the best panel pictures among which you’ll try to find your favorite one.

The Value of Five Segments Panel Sets

5 Panel sets printed pictures composed of five segments are considered as most pragmatic ones by means of its nice features for interior. If speaking about home interior, both variants of decoration and themes are numerous: the task lies just in its proper designation. Rooms comprising some wood elements require suitable wood thematic pictures or some motifs related to the natural landscapes. One of such decor variant for a bedroom, for instance, is a printed illustration of a bench located on the beach, near to a lake or rivershore, above a huge and powerful tree safing from the sunbeams. Limpid water creates a wonderful effect of reflection, so the atmosphere within a room becomes much fresher. Moreover one should remember that such a modular picture divided into five fragments can substantially broaden a human’s vision at the same time extending the living space visually the way it makes one dizzy.

Modular 5 Panel Pictures for Living Room

Living room is a place which one has to pay much attention to because all family members gather together in the evening to spend time in front of TV-sets or just receiving their dear guests or family friends sitting at the table and having a cup of tea or coffee. Thus the image should be a neutral one to respect the interests and preferences of each person individually. In this context you are offered to select some panels with architectural buildings which are going to look good to the someone’s eyes. It may be a printed image of French Eiffel Tower at the peak of its sunset, Italian Coliseum and so on. The illustrations have to be displayed vertically as well as the segments themselves for an extended visual effect, but placing them horizontally is allowed too. The architectural beauties of Paris, Rome or other cities will fill up the room with new positive senses and desires.

Modular 5 Panel Pictures for Kitchen Rooms

Setting out to kitchen design housewife’s wills are above all things. A lovely husband does know what she prefers most: it may be tender flower sets he gives her for any holiday or just a printed panel image with all family members somewhere on the landscape. Five-segmented modular 5 panel with various family life moments will be always associated in woman’s mind with those nostalgic moments of her life while spending time in the kitchen cooking some delicious meal for her dear people. Make such a gift to your lovely wife.

Why choosing 5 Modular Panel Pictures?

The outstanding feature of Modular panel pictures composed of five parts lies in the lack of frames which usually disturb the real image perception. Besides, by regulating a distance between image segments one can change the depth of the picture which is very important.