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Photo Wallpapers and Wall Murals printing

Nowadays the advance realized in manufacturing ofwall muralsis reached to a great extent by high quality printing materials,one of which is eco solvent inkdoing no harm to an individual while touching or keeping them in one’s arms. Companies and printing officeshave at last developed this field going on and on to wonder its customers with various texturesas well as making further progress in it. However it is worth mentioning that for the first time people have been given the fine opportunity to choose whatever photo, imageor theme for paintingthey want.

Four basic murals materials

Thus among most desirable and actual types of paintingsfor wall murals there are four basic ones such as fresco, canvas, sandand stucco. They can be easily found on our website www.print-services.com.Focusing attention on these wall muralsvarieties it may be said that all of them have their own peculiarities and features. So let’s start with each of them.

Fresco murals

Buy Fresco Photo wallpaper onlineIf a customerfor instance prefers mostly frescoes he or she has to be sure not only of its qualitybut also of its durabilityfor quite long periods of time. Firstly this is by the reason that frescois a paintingbased on damp plaster. The plastercontaining whitewashcan make a limpid film with the help of it after drying. This film in particular makes any murallong-lived. One more advantage of using it lies in the fact that our website offers to a customerany length of a material selected at his will as the width of it is usually of 1.3m. Even there are cases when a client can’t agree with the width proposed so in this case and want it to be smaller but we in the name of our company must and will take into consideration any of his claims and start manufacturing the material of smaller width as he wishes. The basic element of frescois still an extraordinary technique with damp plaster– the thing making wall muralseco-friendly, flexible, non-colorlessand certainly wear-resistantas well as moisture proofand fireproof. We express a deep hope that after short presentation of the paintingpointing out its main characteristics clients won’t have any reclamations or dissatisfactions regarding its purchase. In particular people preferring vintageand retro themeswill be very delightful to stop at choosing namely fresco.

Canvas murals

Buy canvas Photo wallpaper onlineNext type of material is a canvas. Not to going into details for describing it shortly to a customer’s interest there are several things to be mentioned as well. The first is based on the fact that any type of print will look gorgeously on a canvasin particular themes depicting plenty of nice flowers, landscapes represented by pastures, meadows, forest groves and the most beautiful places of nature. This is why it is considered to be a wide spread and universal material. While purchasing it a customerought not to be worry about tough structure of it determined by its dense texturewhat makes it waterproof, breathable, hardwearingat comparably low prices yet. The texture is dense due to flaxen, cottonyand jute fibers. High mechanic durabilityis guaranteed by the way it can easily avoid any punctures and ruptures. So clients may choose wallpapersfrom this category in case they don’t change their living spaceand want to dwell there for a long-term period.


Sand texture murals

Wall muralswith sand texturecan be preferable for those customerswho are fond of various sunny beaches on the background of stormy seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, waterfalls reflecting colourful nuance of blue in combination with beige. Choosing it a customerwill necessarily pay his attention to some details depicted on these wall muralsas for instance both large and small grains of sand what in its turn will attract him/her. If you enjoy these themes so much don’t hesitate to buy such wall muralsright now, which our company will offer them to you at the very acceptable prices.

Stucco wall murals

And as for the stucco textureit almost looks like plaster. These types of wallpapersare considered as relief ones having insignificant seams. These are them which are manufactured on the vinylor non-wovenbasis. Just thanks to the vinylany muralscan be imitated so by this reason they are very popular among amateurs of artand history. Don’t be afraid to choose them if you are really interested in art and different historical events in particular when you spend your time working in your own room designed to be an office. While walking into your room you’ll really enjoy watching these wallpapers.

Vinyl wall murals - washable alternative

Now let’s speak a bit about the materials needed for giving a desirable vision of wall murals. It is referred to main component in painting – vinyl. Vinyl wall muralsare permanently easy to be washed. This is namely why they are set in the kitchen and bathroom. Purchase it right now and you’ll convince by your own that they can be washed with no doubt due to different chemical detergentsand despite this there will be no dicolorationor losing its shape and design. Be sure of the special European quality.

Non-woven wall murals

Non-woven wall muralsare much more durable. As a rule dormitories and play rooms are decorated with such wall murals. They consist of eco-friendly paintsbeing absolutely non toxicand doing no harm to children and individuals as a whole. Pores presence allows the air within the room letting out so there can’t be any water accumulated indoor what makes impossible fungus formation to individuals. Hasten to make use of such opportunity for your children and buy it right now at an affordable price on our web-site where we guarantee that this kind of murals will keep your health in safe.

Latex printing murals

One more beautifully raw material for wall muralsis based on latex printingwhose main advantage relates to its non-toxicity. It would be rather important to inform a customerwho is every time in search for eco-friendly materialsthat it possesses a unique ink composition which consist of 70 percent of distilled water together with polymersrepresented by artificial latexand colorants.

Latex printing Photo Wallaper for room at Print-Services.com

Don’t hesitate to purchase wall muralsbased on latex printing or not, just simply trust the manufacturer because latex inkdoesn’t extract any harmful substancesas well as are non-flammableand dry immediately during the process of printingevaporating water therefore it doesn’t need to be laminatedat all. Protect yourself and your family from any other materials that do harm and come to our store faster.

Some regulations concerning our goods and services

And there’s certainly one more thing our dear customerswhich we’d like to concentrate your attention on which relates to some details concerning purchasing and ordering the articles from our web-site. Whatever goods you buy, you receive it all rolledin case your unit of goods is bigger than 1-2 square meters. As for the glue presence while ordering any article from us we don’t supply it along with wallpapersthat’s why you should purchase it separately. All issues concerning delivering including custom house, custom duties and cases with returning or not VAT (value-added tax) a customermust decide by his own.

Wallpaper mounting with the help of overlap technique

And at last we’d like to inform you how wallpapers can be glued using overlap technique. Wallpaper mountingrepresents uncircumcised edge of canvas having been glued before which is covered with another piece of wallpaper. Such method provides prevention from thin chinks what represents an important aspect that room decoration be of high quality and look pretty. Secondly the given method will save your time as a room with 17 square meters may be glued with wall muralsfor several hours only. Think thoroughly about it.

Wall murals as an integral part of our contemporary life and visions

In conclusion it would be of paramount importance to point out that nowadays wall muralssurround us elsewhere and with the help of them each of us can embellishhis/her own living space being in state of plenty of positive emotions. But at the same time one need to remember that the settlementin which we are situated and spend our spare time has to be adorned at our will and the way we want to see it further. Concentration on work performed, great thoughts and desires will depend directly on this thing. Don’t forget about that and try to purchase the best masterpieces of artour company offers because we express a strong desire to collaborate with our clients and have the mutual relationship with them. We always put all efforts to make our customers feel happy and satisfied. Come more often to us and be our constant clients.

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