Abstraction Letters - Canvas Sets

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10 Mb

and dots per inch

150 dpi

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. Uploaded images will be deleted automatically after two weeks.
Min size Min resolution image
30 cm 900 px
40 cm 1200 px
50 cm 1500 px
60 cm 1800 px
70 cm 2200 px
80 cm 2500 px
90 cm 3000 px
100 cm 3200 px
110 cm 3500 px
120 cm 3800 px
130 cm 4000 px
140 cm 4200 px
150 cm 4500 px
Type: Canvas sets
Material: Canvas
Wrapping depth: 2.5 cm

The way you see your image on your computer may vary slightly in the way our printer prints with the edible colors - there are so many settings and preference for individual computers that an exact match is never possible. Also, images that you copy from an on-line source, or images that you have extracted from Word documents or .PDF files (or other embedded image sources) can use different color palettes which can affect the way the image is printed. Photographs that you scan and save as images files can also print differently depending on how the scanner interprets the colors. Usually scanning original photos is not a problem as long as you don't scan an image that was printed with a printer.

Also due to same reasons, please, be aware that the colors of the paintings and pictures shown on our website may also slightly vary when the product is printed.

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