Choose Business Cards by Types

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Why Choosing Business Cards by Types?

At the end any customer has to be well informed about the quality of paper or plastic which business cards are made of. Besides the quality of materials selected the ways of printing business cards are different too. Thus depending on clients’ demands and tastes they can make an order for digital, offset or silk screen printing. In case a company, firm or an entity doesn’t possess its own corporation style they are recommended to appeal for design services first and then start issuing a needed number of cards.

As a rule there can be distinguished three basic types of business cards among which are:

  • Сorporate business cards or in other words cards made for companies and/or firms contain no personal information at all aimed at putting down such information as name of the organization, a form of its activity, a set of services provided, contact address, telephone/fax, email address. In addition, the information about organization web page address, logo depiction and types of services is considered crucial as well. Some companies are boldly placing its slogans alongside the round map for customers to find its location much easier. As a result business cards of this kind are solely used for advertising purposes, hence various public events is where they are so widely spread.

  • Affair business cards tend to provide contact information to both clients and partners. The cards like this are pretty valuable by means of denoting all the necessary corporate details for keeping further contacts, that is such data as full name, function, company or firm denomination and a form of activit if needed. The use of peculiar corporate style is obligatory procedure: it comprises an organization logotype, the type of font used by organization and so on this is why the design of affair business cards is both low-key and simple. If the question is about public officers’ business cards the denotation of logos is prohibited being replaced by national state emblem or flag.

  • Personal business cards are the cards used for informal communication. They don’t require any strict regulations as a person is permitted to introduce the data according to his/her individual preferences. The main data to be introduced are full name, and mobile/telephone contacts. As to the organization address and other types of web addresses - it is up to the client whether to use it or not.

Nowadays any man of affairs can’t do without business cards as it is a kind of label making one look much more presentable. Any card regardless of its type or form does describe a person  being an integral part of his/her image. Its exchange between two individuals at first meeting can also point at keeping closer contact among them. In other words if you want the person you communicate with give a good look to you, try to provide accurate and thorough information in your business card thereby maintaining your own style. All of them have their own historical background, certain conventional traditions, ways of its decoration alongside with hand delivery and basic rules of keeping. Let’s take a glance at the web catalogue in which various types of business cards are presented.